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  1. Default Augusta to daytona but which way ?

    Hi, this is my first post so i'm sorry for starting a new thread but i'm running out of time. I will be leaving Augusta on Monday to head to Daytona, in no hurry. This is my first time in this part of the USA (visiting from Ireland) My question is this, head to Savannah and down the Atlantic coast or head to New Orleans and down the gulf coast ?

    Not really looking for anything particular other then a bit of an adventure and some nice places to visit with hopefully a bit of fun along the way.

    Many thanks


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    Default Augusta?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are a few Augusta's in the US, which one do you plan to start from.

    Also, you said you're not in a hurry, but how much time do you have? What sorts of things would you find interesting?

  3. Default Augusta, Georgia.

    Sorry I mean't Augusta GA. I am more into landscapes then museums but having not been in this part of the world before I am really just looking for an interesting drive by the sea with some nice towns to stop in along the way. I have three days to drive what I could do in one.
    Thanks again


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