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  1. Default 1 month road trip from charleston, sc to santa cruz, ca


    My boyfriend and I are moving out to santa cruz from charleston and decided to take a month to drive cross country. We will be leaving May 1st. Our plan of attack is to go out west the southern route, then around New Mexico heading north through Colorado and making our way up to Montana, then heading west to Seattle and down the pacific coast to Santa Cruz. Below is our intended itinerary. We're not too worried about seeing too much of Northern California, as we'll have tons of time once we're out there to take mini-road trips. We have a few places that are set in stone but the rest is up for debate. Would love to hear suggestions of places off the beaten path to camp/eat/drive or to check out good old americana at its best.

    thanks in advance! lauren

    4-May SUN Leave Charleston, SC, Drive to Atlanta, GA
    5-May MON Leave Atlanta, GA, Drive to Dallas, TX
    6-May TUES Dallas, TX
    7-May WED Dallas, TX
    8-May THURS Leave Dallas, TX, Drive to Albequerque, NM
    9-May FRI Albequerque, NM
    10-May SAT
    11-May SUN
    12-May MON
    13-May TUES Boulder, Colorado
    14-May WED Boulder, Colorado
    15-May THURS Boulder, Colorado
    16-May FRI
    17-May SAT
    18-May SUN
    19-May MON Glacier National Park, MN
    20-May TUES Glacier National Park, MN
    21-May WED Glacier National Park, MN
    22-May THURS
    23-May FRI
    24-May SAT
    25-May SUN
    26-May MON Willamette Valley, OR
    27-May TUES Willamette Valley, OR
    28-May WED Willamette Valley, OR
    29-May THURS
    30-May FRI
    31-May SAT Arrive in Santa Cruz, CA

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    Default Gosh, there are so many potential suggestions!

    Welcome to the RTA forums. Your trip plan looks good.

    I'm guessing that we can skip too many recommendations for Washington, Oregon and Nevada since those places will also be close enough for you to explore later. Does that sound about right?

    Anyway, the suggestions could be endless. What types of things interest you so we can narrow down the types of suggestions you're seeking?

    Also, you might enjoy taking a look at this thread: A-Z sites in each state

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    Default Glacier NP in May

    Hello ikefein-

    Here are some thoughts about a segment of your trip:

    The most popular and most spectacular part of Glacier NP, the Going To The Sun Road, will almost certainly be closed in that part of May. Montana is having a banner snow year (finally) and unless they get a dramatic warm-up, and soon, it would be likely that the GTTS Rd will remain closed well into June. There will be continuous updates on GTTS Rd opening available at the Glacier NP office or website.

    But, from Yellowstone, you can venture west through Ennis to Virginia City, MT, a restored former territorial capital, thence through Dillon, MT to MT 278, visit Bannack, MT, a state park and non-touristy restoration of the 1861-1862 first territorial capital (complete with gallows from which the locals hung the sheriff--a story in and of itself). Just a bit further along 278 you enter the Big Hole, which is for my money the most spectacular scene in all of the western US. Stop in Jackson for a soak at the Jackson Hot Springs Resort. Nice motel and restaurant. They're on the web. Head to Wisdom to MT 43 and see the Big Hole Nat Battlefield, where the first of many battles with the Nez Perce' took place. A very sobering locale. From there, either on over to US 93 at Lost Trail Pass and on up through Missoula to Glacier, or stay on 43 to just west of Wise River, jump north over to Anaconda, then through Philipsburg on MT 1 to I-90 just outside of Missoula. Philipsburg is a very cool town--one of my personal favorites.

    Oh, and in Missoula, hit the bar at Stockman's Bar and Cafe, then a late night breakfast with the bar crowd (a western US tradition) at The Oxford.

    Hope this helps, and have a safe trip.


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    Default Albuquerque & Northern NM

    New Mexico A-Z # 1
    New Mexico A-Z # 2

    Here's a few ideas for you:

    Albuquerque Area:
    Sandia Peak Tramway, Petroglyphs National Monument, Old Town & The Albuquerque Museum,
    Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Tinkertown and the Sandia Crest Scenic Byway.
    A post about some decent local restaurants is here .

    Short day-trips from Albuquerque:
    Salinas Pueblo Missions, Acoma Pueblo.

    Scenic drives from ABQ north to Santa Fe:
    The Turquoise Trail or
    The Jemez Mountain Trail

    Santa Fe/Taos/Northern NM:
    Bandelier National Monument, Santa Fe, Chimayo, Pecos Wilderness, Ghost Ranch/Abiquiu, High Road to Taos, Taos & Taos Pueblo, Eagle Nest and the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, Carson National Forest, Wild Rivers Recreation Area.

    Southern Colorado:
    Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa.

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