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  1. Default Has a road trip ever change anyones life?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyones life was ever changed by a road trip. If so in what way? Was it a big change and did anyone ever find themselves on a road trip? What was the trip in where this occured?

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    Default always

    Well, I'd say if your life hasn't changed in some way, shape, or form while on a roadtrip, you aren't taking much of a trip.

    Of course, if you're looking for a little more concrete, less obtuse story, I'd check out the story of how RTA got started.

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    I always see and learn something new that effects me somehow. This is especially true when traveling solo, in my experience.

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    Every road trip is special and you learn much more about an area and about its people.
    It has changed my life in the way that I am now addicted to road trips and try to drive around as often as possible :-)

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    Default All the time

    I'd say that after every trip, I've changed in some way. It doesn't matter if it's a two-week long trip, or just a two-hour drive.

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    a resounding YES from me. i like natures natural wonders more than anything else and everytime i take a journey i discover a little more about myself as well as others and hopefully "grow" from it. never more true than during and after our first road trip in america to fulfill a childhood dream of visiting the grand canyon.the other wonders such as yosemite and zion just blew me away and gave me such a "lift" it's amazing.
    i feel the urge for another "lift" coming on, haa haa!

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