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    Default Gas price predictions?

    I am planning a trip this summer from Philadelphia, PA to OBX, NC. We expect to have a caravan of approx 10 SUV's as we will be transporting 40 people plus food and gear. As you can imagine transportation is an expensive part of the trip. Does anyone know of a site which has predictions for gas prices for this year? I am currently estimating at $4.00/gallon but fear that this may be low. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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    Default Fair Estimate

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    While certainly anything is possible, I think prices will hit $4 but I haven't seen many predication having the number going much over that point. Once they reach that $4 point there will be enough of an emotional response to drive down demand just enough to keep prices from rising much more.

    Of course they'll need to hit that $4 mark this year at some point, just so it won't have that same shocking effect when the prices reach $4 or more next summer.


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