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    This summer I plan to take a road trip from Texas to Montana. Can anybody tell me if this is a good route to take or offer any advice thank you. I'm a 18 Male and this would be my first solo cross-country trip. I has planning to make the trip in about 5 days.

    I. Dallas → Oakley, Kansas
    Distance: 631.01 Miles
    Time: 9 Hours 28 minutes

    Stage#2: Oakley, Kansas →Billings, Montana
    Distance: 797.33 Miles
    Time: 11 Hours 33 minutes

    Stage #3: Billings, Montana →Bozeman, Montana

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Travel time estimates on online mapping software are pretty inaccurate, since they assume you never have to stop for food, fuel, or just to get a break from the road.

    630 miles is really on the upper edge of how far you can safely travel in one day, and if this is your first trip where you don't know your own limitations, and you are traveling solo, really could be too much. This is even more true when you are looking at more than one day on the road.

    800 miles simply can't be safely done in one day by a solo driver. Its just too much time behind the wheel (expect 14-15 hours).

    I'm sorry to tell you that you are just dreaming a little too big here. You need to scale back your plans if you want a safe and successful trip.

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    I meant to say that I am going to try and take 5 days to complete the trip, not that I'm leaving in 5 days

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    Is this going to be a round trip in 5 days? If so, then everything I said previously about this being too much distance to safely cover under the time you have laid out, remains true.

    If you are only traveling one way in 5 days, then you've got some room to build a workable trip, but you'll have to change the segments you have laid out.

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    Default Agree with Michael here!

    You would need 3 days to get to Billings and 3 days to get back home. But if you only allow those 6 days, that means you're just driving the entire time. If you want to stop and explore along the way and have time to play in Billings, I would suggest at least 10 days for this trip.

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