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    Me, my wife and 1 year old son flying in from Wales on the 1st of August. We got three weeks, but have plans for the last week so was thinking of doing the following during the first two weeks:

    Flying into Vancouver staying for 2 nights, driving to Banff via Kamloops and staying in Banff for 4 nights.

    Then thinking of driving down to Glacier for 2-3 nights? Then driving down to Yellowstone for 3nights.

    What I want to know is how plausible is driving from Banff down to Glacier and then Yellowstone? Is all the driving worth it? Some say it is - whilst others disagree.

    Any ideas in places to stay in Glacier or Yellowstone - family friendly?

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    Default Plausible? Worth It?

    Cymru am byth. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Only you and your wife can answer those questions. What I can tell you is that it's a full day's drive from Vancouver to Banff, another to Glacier, and yet a third to Yellowstone. And then it's a solid two day drive (over 900 miles) from Yellowstone back to Vancouver. So, 5 of your 14 days for the RoadTrip portion of this vacation will be spent driving, How does your son hold up under such a regimen? How does your wife? Still, if it were I, I'd jump at the chance to do this. The mountains you'll be driving through are certainly among the most picturesque in the world, rivaling the Alps. Yellowstone, with Old Faithful, the wildlife, and the various hot springs is unique. And you do get to break up your driving days with 2-3 days each in these wonderful spots.


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    Covered most of this trip but at different times.

    You don’t get much better scenery and the added bonus is you are never very far from good facilities. Long time since I’ve travelled with a one year old on a longish trip so that is a factor best left to your own judgement.

    No problem with the roads – good condition and easy to drive.

    Dipping down into Yellowstone makes a significant addition to your time / mileage.

    On you way back to Vancouver can highly recommend the North Cascades (route 20) via Winthrop.

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