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    Planning a road trip from Memphis to Cincinnati for a few days at Great American Ball Park. From there headed to Cleveland and onto Niagara Falls.

    1. Anyone been to Mammoth Cave, KY? Is it worth the stop?
    2. Any ideas for stops not to be missed from Cleveland to Niagara?
    3. After leaving Niagara we can head back through Finger Lake area of NY or up through Canada and back down through Detroit? Which would you recommend and why? We've been to Cooperstown but that is about it in the NY state area.

    We're into historical sites, tourist destinations, anything really. So, any suggestions would be appreciated. We're planning about 10 days total.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums! (And a sincere Thank-You for jumping in to offer others your insights!)

    Yep, I've been to Mammoth Cave, and I heartily recommend it. The Ranger led walks through the caves are outstanding. I do suggest that you try to time your arrival for first thing in the morning so as to have your choice of tours, and that you follow the signs for the Green River Ferry on your way out for something a bit different, even if it means a bit of 'navigation' to get back on the main highway.

    Between Cleveland and Niagara (more or less), check out Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Presque Isle State Park in Erie, and Fort Niagara State Park north of the falls.

    I would also wholeheartedly suggest that you go home by way of the Finger Lakes, with stops at Letchworth State park, Watkins Glen State Park, the drive south through the Susquehanna River Valley on US-15, and then the Blue Ridge Parkway before using I-40 for the last leg to Memphis.

    And those are just the scenic sites. There's more history along those routes than you can shake a musket at.


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    Hey Buck:
    Thanks for the info. Just one additional question. Green River Ferry, I'm assuming that is a ferry ride?

    And you are welcome on the "jumping in" part.

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    Default Green River Ferry

    Yes, it's a little 2 or 3 car ferry across the Green River. The price is right - it's free - and you shouldn't have to wait more than a few minutes to cross even if you just miss it as you drive up. It's just a nice way to spend a few minutes on a RoadTrip and the drive there will take you through some parts of Mammoth Cave National Park that most visitors don't see.


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