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    I'm planning to go on a 3 week road trip from Winston-Salem, NC to Portland, OR. I'll be driving an old BMW 3 series convertible by myself and would like any advice on things to see, places to stay, ways to save money, etc. Is it safe for me to tent camp by myself? I'm thinking of heading through the deep south and then up through CA. I'd like to spend a whole week in CA because there is so much to see. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Are you doing this as a one way trip or do you plan to make it a round trip. You have time to do both, but if you are doing this as a round trip and you want to spend a full week in California, that's going to leave very little time for much anything else.

    Otherwise, here are some things to look at.
    An A-Z list of things to do in every state.
    Some tips for making traveling solo

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazedAndConfused View Post
    I'm planning to go on a 3 week road trip from Winston-Salem, NC to Portland, OR.
    Well, joining the Great American RoadTrip Forum might be evidence that you are less than "Dazed and Confused" and therefore welcome to this place! Your time window seems OK -- how much of an actual budget are you working with?

    Here are some solo traveler resources:
    An overview
    Solo Camping ideas
    Budgeting tips
    A few ideas about routes in California.


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    Thanks for your advice. I'm actually meeting my girlfriend in Portland after the first three weeks, and then we will be exploring Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and CO together for 2 weeks while making our way back to NC.

    Regarding budget, I'm trying not to be too stingy because I don't know when I'll have the chance to go on another road trip such as this. I'm thinking $2,500 is what I'll end up spending, but would obviously like to save as much as possible.

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