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  1. Default houston to chicago

    Looking to do it in as little time as possible.

    Sorry. No the idea of the forum but a wife and a child need me back.

    I was wondering if sticking to the interstates would be faster than taking 59 through all the small towns in texas and arkansas?

    Does the speed limit drop in each of these towns typically?

    I'll be in a Penske rental van and would think I'll get better mileage on the interstates as well...

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    Default do what makes you comfortable

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I haven't driven this section of US-59, so I can't speak in specifics, but I would imagine you will have to slow down through the various towns. This route is about 100 miles shorter than taking I-10 to I-55, so you might see a little time savings on the Interstate, but I don't think the difference would be that substantial.

    Another middle ground option that might be worth looking at is to take US-59 north, but cut over to Shreveport and then take US-71 North to Texarkana, since US-71 appears to be a 4 lane route.

    I would do what you are more comfortable with. Driving the interstates will be easier which could be nice if you aren't used to driving a moving truck. However, I don't think the interstates will save you any gas because you'll be traveling at higher speeds, but more importantly, you'll be traveling more miles - even if you improved your gas mileage significantly, you wouldn't make up the extra fuel that you'll burn by taking a longer route.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Probably will stick to 59 to I-30 if time and mileage aren't much different.

    I'll keep looking for options.

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    It really can be hard to tell on 2 lane US highways. Some of them you can keep moving at a pretty constant pace, and some city bypasses have been built for the real trouble spots, others you have to slow down seemingly ever couple of miles. It makes it hard to make the comparison vs. Interstate travel time.

    Hopefully Laura (A frequent poster from that area) will be around in the next few days and perhaps she has some more experience with that specific road and will be able to share her recommendations.

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    Looking at the map of Texas, it appears that US-59 has had some bypasses built for it around some towns, but I'm sure there are areas where you'll run into having to slow down for some towns. I think the US-59 to I-30 option is a sound one. It's easy enough to follow then you can stick with the Interstates from there on out.

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    Did the trip.

    Houston to Texarkana on 59 from about 7pm to 1am. Obviously traffic was light once out of Houston. What a HUGE sprawling town. If I had tried to get out only an hour earlier I would have been in some nasty traffic.

    There was a little detour midway on 59 to 279??? that was probably the best roads but only two lane highway. Fortunately little to no traffic.

    Road markers weren't the best around towns. Missed two turns even with a Garmin. But we really didn't need to slow much in towns. 45mph. Only occasionally was there a stop sign.

    From Texarkana to Memphis to Chicago all interstate driving. Gas stations/rest stops/small towns with food all over the place. Did that in 12 hours 8am to 8pm with a stop for 20 minute lunch. Didn't even speed that much in the Penske moving truck.

    Thanks for people who replied. Made it back home to have a late dinner with wife and 5 month old.

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