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    I'm looking for some advice on which would be the most interesting and scenic option to travel from Las Vegas to San Fransisco in late April...

    My partner and I are visiting from Australia and have three days spare at the end of a business trip to do a little bit of sight seeing. She has never been to the US before and whilst I've been to the US several times (mostly LA, LV and SF), I've never done a roadtrip between LV and SF, so I'm sure that whatever we do will be an interesting roadtrip.

    I would have liked to have the opportunity to go through Death Valley and then onto Yosemite, but as the Tioga Pass won't be open at that time of year it's not an option. So I'm trying to decide on one of two options left...

    One is the drive up east of the Sierra's from LV through Death Valley then up Hwy 395 to Lake Tahoe. Spend a night there and tour around before heading on down to SF. Any comments on whether the North or South lake area is the more scenic?

    The other option is to head down Hwy 15 to Barstow (maybe a stop at Calico), then onto Bakersfield, Hwy 99 to Fresno, and Hwy 41 up to Yosemite to stay there overnight before heading to SF. I don't know the road conditions so I'm not sure if the trip from LV to Yosemite using this route is too big to do in one day.

    I guess it comes down to whether Death Valley & Lake Tahoe, or Yosemite would be more interesting. Any recommendations or comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks for any help - Ric

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    Default Doing Both

    If you've got two full days for this trip, I think you could still fit in both Yosemite and Death Valley. Head for Death Valley in the morning, and spend some time exploring the park. Then head for Bakersfield. Stop somewhere enroute for the night and continue onto Yosemite in the morning.

    Tioga Pass is closed as you mentioned, but since much of the route around the south is 4 lane highways, it actually won't take you that much more time to get into the Yosemite Valley.

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for that. I did actually want to do both but thought it would be a bit too ambitious. I'm assuming Yosemite would be somewhat more interesting than Lake Tahoe for someone who's seen neither one.

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    yosemite is absolutely stunning and sould'nt be missed. although the high ground will be closed off the waterfalls should be at full flow.
    have a great trip!

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