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    First off, this is such a great website, I have been one for hours reading and searching. Now, a question to all you professionals out there. I am planning to go on a roadtrip with my girlfriend for 10 days. We have visited most of the east coast. We would be starting out trip form the worst place...MIAMI!! It nice here, but it takes forever to get anywhere! So, we really wanted to head west (Las Vegas?). The round trip should be 10 days. My idea was driving from Miami-New Orleans-San Antonio-El Paso-Las Vegas-Amarillo-Mobile-Miami. Now I may be getting too ambitious. Too much driving, not enough visiting anything!

    That's just the preliminary idea I have. I would appreciate any input you guys have.

    If you have any other ideas instead, please let me know!!! I just need ideas!!!

    I would be willing to go north (Miami-Chattanooga-Chicago-Toronto-Philadelphia-Savannah-Miami?)


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    Well, first, I agree with you that Miami to Las Vegas and return (5500 miles more or less) in 10 days leaves no time for anything other than the driving and wouldn't be the most enjoyable trip. Your second option involves quite a bit less driving (3600 miles more or less) and would at least leave a few days where you could do something other than just drive, drive, drive. Another option of similar length, but offers a bit more variety, would be to turn northeast at Chattanooga and take I-81 up the Shenandoah Valley with occasional forays into the Appalachians, Catskills, and Adirondacks, and then come back down the coast through some of the historic sites like Philadelphia, Washington, Williamsburg, Charleston and Savannah. You could, of course, drive even fewer miles and still do a pretty complete circuit of the South seeing plantations, mountains, caves, history and shore in around 3000 miles of driving that would leave roughly comparable amounts of time in and out of the car.


  3. Default Too much and too far

    Very ambitious and not much fun. If you don't have time to visit anything along the way then why go? Half the fun is the journey.

    I would do the east coast trip. I've done Key West to Memphis many times. There is alot to see along the way. I would suggest St. Augustine if you've never been there. Very quaint and lots of historical interest. Visit the fort and the fountain of youth. Then up to Charleston or Savannah. Myrtle Beach for lots of fun! Then up to Cape Hatteras. Visit the Wright Brothers museum. From there cut over to Pigeon Forge and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in TN. This would give you several nice areas to visit and still time to enjoy the ride.

    For Las Vegas, fly to Albuquerque or Phoenix get a rental car and start your road trip there. I would suggest Albuquerque to see the Painted Desert, Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

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