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  1. Default Seattle -> San Diego? Worthwhile?

    Hello, so me and 2 friends from the Scotland are planning driving from Seattle to San Diego over 6 weeks.

    We intend to rent a car in Seattle and return it in San Diego. Is this going to be far too costly? Does anyone think buying a used car would be better value?

    If anyone has any hints or tips on where to stop or stay on our way down that would be great!

    Are the roads easy to drive? Is motels the cheapest form of accomodation?

    How easy is it to cross the Mexican border when in San Diego? We'd quite like to visit Mexico just for the craic!!

    If anyone has any input at all it would be much appreciated!

    Thanks muchly

    Claire x

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    Default Worth More than Haggis

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Depending on what you consider 'too costly', a one way rental of car big enough to handle 3 people and their luggage for 6 weeks is going to run you around $3,000 or more, depending on your age. While buying and selling a car might cost less, the realities of the legal hassles and effort, let alons the insurance problens, rule that option out except for very extended stays of several months or more. American roads are very easy to dtive, especially compared to those of the Highlands, and yes, motels are your easiest and cheapest accomodation option. Crossing the Mexican border is very easy as long as you have a passport, but such an undertaking will almost assuredly have to be by foot or bus. If you rent a car in Seattle, I can almost guarantee that it will come with a resrtriction that it cannot be taken into Mexico, and if you buy your own car, you will have to get a whole other set of paperwork and insurance to take it it across. As for things to see and do on your trip, I'm going to refer you to these discussions about the Pacific Northwest and these about southern California and inland to Las Vegas.


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    Thanks so much for that info! Were all going to be 21 so that adds some sort of premium does it not?

    Yea we could manage that cost and it sounds easier than the hassles of buying a car and insurance etc.

    Do you think it would be sensible to book car hire before we get to seattle? Or is it easy enough to rent one on the spot?

    Now just to narrow down the stops inbetween!!

    thanks again


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    Default yep

    Being 21 means you'll almost certainly pay an extra charge for being in that 21-24 range. $20 is probably about the average daily fee, but of course some will be higher and you might find some for somewhat less.

    I would certainly make reservations. You rarely have to prepay on a car reservation, so there's no penalty if you later find a better deal. Showing up on the spot will just limit your ability to shop for the best price.

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    Also does it affect renting a car if the driver has points on there liscence in the UK?

    How do the coupons off motels etc work?


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    Default Car rental


    Even though we do not have age/points etc restrictions, we discovered quite a few problems when trying to rent a car that would take us the other way - ie from San Diego to Seattle and on into Canada. While cars rented at Seattle can generally go into Canada, we could not take certain cars out of California if that was where the rental started.... etc.

    I would advise you to at least contact a car rental company before you go - we used Hertz and they were very helpful - rather than arriving and finding a whole load of problems when you get there. If you are forewarned, then at least you can plan accordingly!

    Good luck and have a good trip!


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