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    We will be hitting the road from Tulsa, OK to the New England states this summer with our three teens (1 girl, 2 boys). We plan to make stops in Philadelphia, New York City, Boston and would also like to travel to Maine, VT, NH. Any ideas that teens would enjoy would be appreciated VERY much--especially in the latter states mentioned, as we are clueless as to what is offered. Our goal is to hit all 50 states by the time they're on their own. We are up to 31 before this trip. Thanks

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    Default A New England Primer (or Two)

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Several of the Moderators on these boards hail (or have hailed) from those parts, and as you might imagine New England is a popular RoadTrip destination, particularly in the summer and fall. So for starters, and just to give you an idea of what's available, I'm going to point you to this collection of links to discussions of several New England trips, and to this list of things to see and do in each of the 50 states (and 10 provinces, and parts of Mexico, and the department of France in North America,...). Have a read through those, and then when you're thoroughly overwhelmed and confused, we'll try to help narrow it all down a little.


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    Default getting help

    I think one of the single best places to look for ideas when planning a trip with older kids/teens is to look at the kids themselves. Let them do their own research to find places that they would be interested in seeing or doing and keep them actively involved in the planning of the trip. The more they have invested in the planning of the trip the more they'll think of it as their trip and the more prepared they'll be for the day when they are looking to plan their own trips.

  4. Default Some suggestions

    I can't recommend anything for NH. Not that there aren't any I just don't know of any because I haven't spent more than a 1/2 day there.

    However, Maine has many possibilities. I would suggest going to LL Bean in Freeport. There are lots of little shops in the area and it's a great place to spend the afternoon. Hit the coast and and visit Two lights state park and crescent beach. Both are laid back but being from OK, you've probably never seen anything like either of them. One of these (can't remember which one) had really huge boulders that you could walk on and lay out on while the waves crashed beneath. It was very relaxing and different. Acadia National Park could keep them busy for awhile as well.

    For VT, take the Ben and Jerry's tour. I don't know of a kid any age that wouldn't like this!

    Hope this helps.

  5. Default Im a Vermonta I do what I wanta

    Hello, I am new to this board, I was browsing and your trip caught my eye. Being from VT and all I have a few suggestions. Mt Mansfield in Stowe, Vermonts highest peak, has the usual attractions, fun activities, an alpine slide, they also have an incredible drive up a toll road to the top, where you can hike over the top of what is known over the "face of the mountain", a easy 2 mile hike, well worth the trip, there are also gondola rides up the mtn, and a nice restaraunt up top.

    On the mountain road, less than a mile from the mtn is a pull off on the right and left hand sides headed up the mountain. You park here and follow a beaten trail to what is known as BINGHAM FALLS [BING]: From Stowe, take RT 108 northwest toward Mt. Mansfield. Just at the top of the hill (Harlow Hill), just past the Inn on the mountain, there is a "turn around" on the left. Directly across the street is a trail. Park here and walk this trail about 1 mile to the top of Bingham Falls. Walk to the left and you can cross the river and go down the other side; walking to your left will bring you to the top section of the falls. Be very careful, people have slipped from here. PHOTO1 PHOTO2 Very Confident. Verified. Lat/Lon [W84/N83]: Lat: 44.51944 Lon: -72.76750 Source: Topozone Accuracy: Exact Link to Topozone Map Link to Google Map

    Church street is really nice, in Burlington VT , our largest very modest city haha. Be sure to pick up a 7 days free newspaper and check out whats happening in the area, but there's alway live music, and plenty of great places to eat, shop and browse.

    And you should probrably have some yummy maple syrup... :)enjoy.

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    I'm from NH and I would highly recommend going up to Franconia Notch to hike around Lost River and The Flume. The scenery can't be beat. You can drive along the Kangamangus Highway and check out the moose. I would also recommend driving up Rt. 1A from Portsmouth (my favorite town in NH!) on up the coast of Maine... its a gorgeous drive that follows the coastline.

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    When I was 18 or 19, my family took a trip to NH and we stayed in a cabin on Lake Winnipesaukee. We rented a boat and went inner tubing and had a really fabulous time. My cousins (pre teens to mid teens) enjoyed it, too.

    My cousins (from RI) also really enjoy para-sailing at some of the beaches in New England.

    What are your kids into? Music? Hiking? Water sports? Motor sports?

  8. Default Nyc

    Go to a YANKEE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

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