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    me and 5 friend are going to drive from fort Lauderdale to Atlanta in September for a few days any advice or suggestion i have never done this before and i don't live in the US

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    How many days in "a few"? It's around 650 miles one-way leaving no time for seeing things along the way if you want to make the drive in a single day. Will this be a one-way or round trip? What are your interests? Are you renting the car or using one of your friends'? What's the purpose of the drive? It's hard to give individual advice with not much to go on.


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    we want to start driving up Monday morning to get to Atlanta Monday late afternoon and leave Atlanta about 11am Friday back to Fort Lauderdale. will be renting a car. we want to go to Atlanta for a little fun and shopping

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    As Buck mentioned, this is a 650 mile drive which makes for a very full day on the road. Expect the trip to take about 12 hours, so you'll have to leave very early in the morning to get there in the "late afternoon." That pace also won't leave any time for extra stops, and you should expect to be fairly tired when you get to Atlanta, so I wouldn't plan a big night that first night.

    One other thought, if you've got any extra time to work with, You'll probably end up paying a full week rate on the rental car anyway (and unless you are renting from an airport location, most car rental agencies will be closed for the weekend by the time you get back on Friday night.) so if you can, you might as well look at using that full week to your advantage.

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    well i get in to fort Lauderdale on September 6 sat. and i don't plan on leaving until Sunday the 14 so wen i get back to Florida on Friday i plan to be there until Sunday be for i go home. i plan on renting from a non airport location it seems to be cheaper and at a weeks rate as you suggested

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    I think you will be facing a bit of a problem then. Like I mentioned, non-airport car rental places are generally closed on the weekend, so if you are planning to leave for Atlanta on Monday morning, and you wouldn't get back until late Friday night, there is no way you would be able to return the car before you fly out again on Sunday.

    I suppose I should also ask, if you aren't going to really be spending any time in Fort Lauderdale, and you're not giving yourself any time for exploring between FLL and Atlanta, why don't you just fly into Atlanta and save yourself 1300 miles of driving?

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    well i plan on booking my car with budget and i have found a non airport location that will be open on Sunday half day and we will spend our fist two nights in fll and another night wen we return from atl.

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