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    We're taking a trip to Kansas City, MO and Omaha, NE in early May. Can anyone speak to interesting sights in both locations and things to see while driving in that area?


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    Well, besides the great barbecue joints in Kansas City, that drive will be along the Missouri River and reminds the history buff in me of two short-lived but significant episodes in the opening of the West, the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Pony Express. On a slightly more modern note, I was thoroughly intrigued by my visit to Harry Truman's home in Independence. If you're more into natural scenery, try Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge or Indian Cave State Park on the banks of the Missouri.


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    Omaha has the first transcontinental highway, 1913's Lincoln Highway, running through it. Check that out. Out west of the city in Elkhart, there is a several mile long stretch of original brick paving.

    Omaha also hosts the college World series, but I don't think it is played in May.

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