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    My husband and I have been "hired" by his grandpa to drive a two seater convertable from Phoenix to Michigan. We have planned stops in Denver and Sioux City to stay with family and friends.

    Our plan is to leave as early as we can on a Saturday morning to go from Phoenix to Denver (I-17 --> I-40 --> I-25) ~ 900 miles

    Stay in Denver all day Sunday

    Take off for Sioux City early Monday morning (I-76 --> I-80 --> I-29) ~650 miles

    Take off for Michigan early Tuesday morning (I-80 --> I-94 --> Destination) ~650 miles

    Any tips on where to stop along the way for great regional eats or hilarious and awesome photo-ops? Any advice for highways we should avoid in favor of another route? Any advice on how to pack super light since we won't have much trunk space?

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    However, your schedule is just way too ambitious. We generally recommend that people attempt to drive no more than 500-550 miles a day when multiple days of driving are involved, and that's assuming a comfortable sedan. In a two seat roadster, you are simply not going to be as relaxed as you might think, especially if you have the top down. There's no good way to put this, but your first day's drive of over 900 miles is simply not possible. Even with both of you driving and making minimal stops (and none for photo-ops or any kind of eats) that's a 15 hour effort and will leave you in no shape for another 2 very hard days of driving to follow. You need to schedule at least 4 driving days for this trip, more if you really want to do anything besides just drive down the Interstates and eat at exit ramp fast food joints.

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    Default planned stops

    I agree that your first day will be a real killer. 900 miles is just a brutal day to be behind the wheel, and quite frankly, it seems pretty foolish to race there if you've got an entire day to kill the next day.

    As nice as staying with friends and family can be, if doing so forces you to travel unsafe distances in one sitting or pushes you a long way out of your way, you need to think if making those stops are really in your best interest.

    The route you are looking at isn't the most direct route. Going via Denver adds 100 miles to your overall trip, and detouring to Sioux City will add another 150 miles to that total.

    I would recommend keeping your days to a much more even pace. Spend the first night in New Mexico (perhaps Las Vegas), and then arrive in Denver on day 2. From there, I would think about how important that 150 mile detour to Sioux City is and if you wouldn't really be better off staying on I-80 and focus on your main task of getting to Michigan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HipHipHooray
    Any tips on where to stop along the way for great regional eats?
    I can think of a few.


    The Range Café on Menaul Blvd. is right next to the intersection of I-40 and I-25. (The original Range Café is in Bernalillo – 15 miles north of ABQ.) - New Mexican/Southwestern/American

    Some other good local places:
    Mary & Tito’s Cafe - closes at 6:00 pm on Saturday
    Duran’s Central Pharmacy - closes at 2:00 pm on Saturday
    El Charritos
    Yanni’s – Mediterranean

    Santa Fe

    I don’t get up to Santa Fe very much, but I can tell you that Bobcat Bite is great, and The Shed has always been good.

    Las Vegas, New Mexico

    Charlie’s Spic & Span Bakery and Café

    900 miles straight through is a long drive. If I was doing this trip, I think I’d drive from Phoenix to Santa Fe and call it a day. JMO

    Have a safe trip!

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