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    Default Relocating DC -> LA

    Hello new board...

    Within a month from today, I am officially going to become just another transplant living in LA.

    In short:
    -I will be making this trip by vehicle, solo.
    -Am prepared to spend 20 days on the road living out of the truck, eating MRE's and bathing in streams
    -DC to Lenawee County, MI on the first leg, and from there its a sea of the unfamiliar and untreaded all the way until LA.

    From MI, utilizing I-80 as a guideline, spending as much time as possible off of the interstate.

    Pending further research on my end, if anybody would like to chime in with places off the beaten track that are worth a look and not necessarily found in a AAA brochure, let me know. I am very interested in stumbling into ANY place where good local music is being played. If I had my way I'd make every stop along the way at some new club where somebody is playing something.

    Thanks for any and all input, and plan on seeing further posts from me AFTER utilizing the search feature on these boards!

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    Default Something Similar

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of our regular contributors, Peter Thody, made a trip that was very similar in spirit and reported his experiences here. I think that would make a good place to start for ideas of what you might accomplish even if you make the drive through another area entirely.


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    Default Route 66

    You can pick up Route 66 in St. Louis or anywhere along I-44 to Oklahoma City. From there it follows I-40 to California.

    There are lots of guides available and you'll get a taste of what America of the 50s and 60s was like.

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