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  1. Default South West Road Trip 20th May - 4th June

    Hello - this is my first post on this excellent forum so bear with me!

    My buddy and I (26 and 24, from the UK) will be flying into LAX on the 19th May and flying back home on the 4th June, and we are up for some adventure and fun. On first look things we would like to see/do are : LA, Universal Studios, Monterey Aquarium, San Francisco, Alcatraz, Yoesmite, Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, San Diego, Six Flags.

    i'm after a combination of tourist type fun, great scenic drives, and spending some time in a national park or too (keen photographer). Does anyone have ideas for the best route to take, roads to use/avoid, and special things to experience along the way? we are looking to camp where possible, any advice on campgrounds would be fantastic.

    Does this sound manageable in 16 days? I have done road trips in the north east but don't have any experience of distances and timescales over in the west. I have done a couple of trips where i did nothing but drive, I would like a couple of stay-overs on this trip where i can have a few beers!

    Cheers (thanks) for reading this, and for any advice.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of the great things about this particular web site is the 'corporate memory' of all the previous discussions of RoadTrips that cover a similar area. In your case, you should start by reading through these threads about what is probably the most popular trip in the U.S. You'll get lots of different ideas and takes on what to do and how best to accomplish it. Sixteen days is probably enough time to see everything, if not in depth certainly at an enjoyable pace. I'd say your best bet for camping is in the units of the California State Park system.

    One problem, though, is your or your buddy's age. Most, if not all, car hire agencies are going to charge a premium of around $25-$40 a day for the 24 year old to be permitted to drive due to age. And while we don't have the ubiquitous pubs that you are probably used to, we do have a few.


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