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    Our daughter chose a cross country trip instead of an open house for her high school graduation. Yay for all of us!

    We are leaving Port Huron, Michigan on Monday (7/28/2008) with overnight stops at KOAs in Lena, IL and Moorhead, MN, then onto Billings, MT for a Billings Mustangs game and an overnight stay. Thursday-Sunday we'll be visiting Yellowstone National Park, staying in the Yellowstone Park KOA. We leave there and head to Glacier National Park, staying two nights in East Glacier and two nights in West Glacier, then on to Seattle where we'll stay with family for three nights and see a Seattle Mariners game.
    On the way home we're staying one night in Spokane, and two nights in the Mount Rushmore area with the other nights left in the "play it by ear" mode. All told, we'll be gone 21 days.
    I know we're hitting and running most places but it's her trip and what she wants to see so my job was to fit it all in.

    How's it look?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First off this sounds like a great idea and a great trip. Everything you've got set up so far seems like you're in for an awesome trip.

    This is more of a preference than anything else, but is there a specific reason you are staying at all KOAs? Personally, I think they tend to be overpriced and a bit like the McDonalds of the camping world. I guess another question as part of this would be, are you staying in tents or in an RV?

    Lena, IL is quite a distance away from I-90 (about an hour) so it seems like that would be a less than idea choice anyway. Lake Kogonsa State Park south of Madison would be an option more on your route and roughly the same distance away.

    I might also look at trying to get a little farther than Fargo if you want to make it to Billings in time for a baseball game. You'd be looking at 10 hours of driving, plus time to set up camp, plus time to get to the game, so I think that might push you more than you'd like.

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    Thank you so much for your comments.

    We are staying in camping cabins to eliminate the tent up/tent down aspect of the trip. We would much rather spend time exploring a National Park than setting up and tearing down camp.
    I understand completely your "McDonalds" comment; however, we don't plan to spend a lot of time in the campgrounds other than to sleep and eat. Also, with the KOA discount card, rates become more reasonable and their web site is a simple one-stop way to locate camping cabins across the country.

    I will reconsider the Lena stop - I did not realize it was so far off I-90.

    Because of the long drive between Fargo and Billings, we are staying in a hotel in Billings that is within walking distance of the ball park. We can basically arrive 30 minutes before game time, drop our bags and head to the game. We know it's going to be a brutal driving day but it's what we have to do.

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    I can understand the convience aspect of KOA. Its not my cup of tea, and personally, I think the cabins are pretty overpriced for what you get, but this is your trip and not mine. You should certainly design the trip around what you think will make your trip the most enjoyable for you.

    As far as the Fargo to Billings leg, I think there could be a better solution for you. Right now that would be the longest leg of your first three days. Port Huron to Northern IL is only 450 miles or so, the next leg to Fargo is about 550, and your last leg would be more than 600. If you traveled a little farther on those first two days, you'll be a lot more relaxed on the day where you've got something specific you want to do in the evening. I'll also mention that western North Dakota has quite a few places where you might want to stop and just enjoys the views, so having some extra time here would also be helpful for that reason.

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