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    Default First time in Southwest US... Help!


    This is my first time posting on here... My name is Michelle and both myself and my boyfriend are going to be visiting Southwest USA for the first time this summer and are planning a bit of a roadtrip (We are from Canada). I am looking for any advice/help/comments/concerns/suggestion/really anything anyone can offer on my proposed itinerary. Especially if there is anything cool/exciting to see along the way.

    We are both in our mid-twenties, both athletic and up for anything!

    We plan to do this August 15 - 30th, 2008.

    Our plan is to:
    1) Fly in to Las Vegas, stay there for a few days
    2) Drive to the Grand Canyon, hike down, camp at the bottom for 2 days (have booked meals at Phantom Ranch but have not got my camping permit yet - have to wait until August), hike back up
    3) Drive to San Diego, go to the zoo
    4) Possibly drive into Mexico for a few days??
    5) Drive to Los Angeles for a day or two - I really want to go onto the Price is Right... Seriously :-)
    6) Drive back to Vegas to fly out

    A few things we would like to do as well include:
    1) Mountain Biking
    2) Some sort of night life one or two nights
    3) Camp at a National Park or really nice pretty camp ground

    I have also heard good things about San Francisco? Alcatraz? Death Valley?

    Thanks in advance for anything you throw my way!!

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    hi there,well you'll certainly get your night life in vegas!
    we recently visited san fran and alcatraz and thoroughly enjoyed it. if you get this way then yosemite n.p. is a must in my's a slice of heaven on earth,and you can camp right in the middle of it and there are plenty of cycling trials on the valley floor,and the view from glacier point on the high ground is amazing.
    death valley is a cool place,mmm accept it will be really, really hot at that time of year.[see what i done there! lol].
    you can look on which is the national parks web site and get all sorts of ideas,zion and bryce canyon are also great places to visit.
    have a great trip!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your plan looks pretty solid, but there are a couple of things I'll mention.

    You will not be able to drive a rental car into Mexico. It simply isn't allowed. You can park and walk across the border and check out TJ, however.

    Going on Price is Right could be really fun, but also be warned, I'm told it makes for a pretty long day. I have a friend who was on the show (even one a decent prize) and said that they had to wait a very long time in some pretty hot conditions waiting for the show to get going. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, just know what you are getting into if its something you decide to do.

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    Default Edmonton to the Grand Canyon... Any Advice?


    My boyfriend and I are planning to drive from Edmonton to the Grand Canyon. Our plan is to leave Edmonton the weekend of the 16th and are going to camp along the way...

    Question 1) Any great parks that we should visit?

    We are hoping to also get some Mountain Biking in along the way...

    Question 2) Any great biking parks/trails that we shouldn't miss out on?

    We will be hiking the Grand Canyon on the 20th and then turning around and heading back to Edmonton on the 22nd. We will be driving through Calgary and Lethbridge in Alberta, Great Falls and Helana in Montana, Idaho Falls and Pocarello in Idaho, Salt Lake City and Provo in Utah and then to the Grand Canyon

    Question 3) Along those routes is there anything super exciting to see?

    I have never been on a roadtrip of this nature so any advice would be appreciated.


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