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    My friend and I are taking a trip this June. We're leaving from MN and heading to Pennsylvania for a couple days and then heading down through DC, Mount Vernon, and a couple other stops until we get to North Carolina. We're planning on driving through the mountains and any interesting places we might hear of until we hit Nashville,TN. Finally, after a couple of days in Nashville, we're headed to Louisville and then back home. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of cheap but somewhat clean motels along the way (hopefully under $70) or any weird or fun attractions that aren't really known, especially in NC. Or if anyone just has some advice for us would be great.Thanks.
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    $70 a night is kind of what I like to pay as well. It gets you a step up from the very low end without paying for a lot of amenities you don't need. I tend to find that in this price range I'm tending to stay in Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Jameson Inn, Holiday Inn Express and similar If you go to their web sites, you can find a few locations along your route to see what the prices are like. If you find a couple of chains that meet your criteria, see if the website offers a way to get a hardcopy of their directory, or else give the 800 number a call and request one. We maintain lists of things to do, both well known and otherwise. In addition, this site will help you locate some truly strange attractions.


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    Hello and welcome!
    I live in NC and have traveled many times up to the Mountains- It is a lovely ride, especially once you get past the "Triad" area ( Greensboro, Highpoint, Winston-Salem). There are many smaller historical sites to stop and see on the way up, but, for me, my destination is usually Asheville, which is an awesome little city tucked up in the blueridge mountains. So much to see and do up there, and it is glorious in the summer. Hot during the day, but cooler at night than it is down in the "flatlands", where I live. It has a funky, urban downtown area with all kinds of fun bars, restaurants, music venues, museums and shops. There are also many many lodging options, from Motel 8's, all the way up to posh B&B's and the Grove Park Inn. Trip Advisor is always where I go to get lodging information. Their reviews, in my opinion, area almost always spot-on. So, definitely visit Asheville. Eat at "Picnics" for lunch and try "mama's" homemade pie! As well, there is a great place called The Early Girl Eatery" which is really really good.
    Also visit nearby Black Mountain- a cool little town with neat shops, etc. As well, there are some very affordable motel lodging options there, and it is only about a 10 minute drive to Asheville, right off I-40. Also consider visiting Maggie Valley, Waynesville area- very very pretty. There is also Linville Falls which is gorgeous, The Folk Art Museum in Asheville, right off the BlueRidge Parkway ( you gotta drive that, at least for a bit, it is really awesome). If you drive north of asheville, you can also try to visit the Boone/Blowing Rock area. Cool stuff there. Also Grandfather Mountain is near there and a nice place to see. Just so many things up there in the Mountains of NC!
    here is a good link for the Asheville area
    As well, you can Google " Blue Ridge Mountains" and get some good sites with good information.
    Good Luck, Have fun!!

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