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    Hi all,

    coming to the USA in june for a month long road trip from NY to Los angeles, and ive had the majority of my questions expertly answered in the last few months!! thankyou very much.

    another user posted a question recently regarding the visa waiver entry to the usa. it mentioned you would need a return/onward ticket to show when you arrive to allow you access into the country.

    well im flying into JFK and returning to the UK from LAX, the ticket me and my friend have purchased is an E-Ticket so we take a print out of the email with us to the UK airport to receive a normal airline ticket/boarding pass etc.

    from peoples experience, will the U.S authorities accept our return E-ticket on paper if all of the details are on it for gaining access to the USA at JFK???

    thankyou in advance.

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    The E-ticket for the full itinerary is fine. Thats all we've had the last couple of times we had a holiday in the USA.

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    fantastic, thats ok then. i have the full itinerary on the forms so should be ok. and just to recap, how many days is the limit for using the waiver programme?

    we're going june 14th to july 12th.


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    Default 90 days normally

    The absolute maximum is 90 days but I believe this is at the discretion of the border agent. In reality its never a problem so long as you have a return ticket taking you outside of North America (ie Canada or Mexico is not acceptable), sufficient funds to support yourself whilst you are there and can prove that you have good reason to go back home after your stay (family, employment, etc) The worst that you'll get is attitude from the border agent though, to be fair, you don't usually do that if you fill out the forms correctly (if you make a mistake you must fill out a new one before getting in line else you'll simply be sent to the back of the line and asked to fill it out again) and answer their questions honestly and politely.

    Best advice I can give for a smooth ride through immigration is to stop in the restroom between the gate and arrivals and brush up a little, wait in line without making a fuss and complaining about the delay (it'll take anywhere from 30 - 90 minutes usually so be prepared) then, when you reach the front of the line wait until called forward by the agent. Then stand in front of the desk and speak only when spoken to. When the agent looks at you greet them with a smile and a good morning/afternoon/evening then wait for their questions. Answer all questions briefly and honestly and don't bumble or try to joke with them. Have your passport, boarding pass, credit and ATM cards (they may ask to see them to prove you can support yourself financially) and return flight details to hand.

    They have a job to do and that job is to decide if they want to allow you into their country - make iteasy for them to see you are an honest and decent person and they'll make life easy for you. I've seen people in front of me getting an absolute grilling and stepped forward, terrified I'm gonna get refused entry, only to see my passport stamped in under two minutes and me sent on my way with a cheery smile and a list of restaurants and sneakily well hidden hotels to look for.

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    i believe it's 90 days so you will be fine,as long as you have a machine readable passport.

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    Default Visa Waiver Wizard

    Here is a “Visa Waiver Wizard” issued by the United States Embassy in London. A very useful tool to understand the ins and outs of the visa waiver requirements.

    To learn more about one the particular items just answer in the negative and it will explain that particular area in more detail.

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