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    Hey everyone! My boyfriend and I are planning on driving from New Mexico to Massachusetts this summer. Since both of us have road tripped across the middle of the country we want to take a different route by going through TX and the south and then up the east coast. Does anyone have any suggestions of fun/interesting places to go or do along the way? We are in our twenties and are planning on taking probably just over a week.

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    Default Lots to see!

    Welcome to the RTA forums!

    One of our moderators did a trip through those areas and wrote up a great report about it. I'm sure if you read it, you'll get lots of ideas.

    Why don't you share with us your interests so we can offer suggestions tailored to what you like to do and see?

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    Default Shrimp and BBQ

    Stop in Calabash, right on the SC-NC line between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington for some Calabash-style shrimp.

    Plus, in NC, stop at any bbq joint and gice carolina bbq a tatse.

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