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    Default San Francisco >> San Diego >> Cran Canyon >> Las Vegas


    That's the trip I planned so far: (on Google Maps)

    I will have 12 days for that trip and I've just been to San Francisco so far
    so I wanna see as much as possible of everything else.
    I definitely wanna stay over in Los Angeles and San Diego.

    Is it worth to go to Tijuana, Mexico for a short trip??

    Is there anything special I shouldn't miss out on my way?

    Where can I do river-rafting or horseback-riding in the Grand Canyon?
    For me the best way to enjoy the scenery :-)

    Also is it worth to take the North-Route over Page at Lake Powell and Southern Utah to Las Vegas?
    I guess it's about 5 hours more to drive. Is there anything to do/see on the way in Utah?

    So far I only booked the first 2 nights in San Francisco and the last 2 nights
    in Las Vegas.

    Happy for every tip I can get!

    Greetings, Chris
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    Default General Overview(s) and Specific Answers

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For starters, you should probably read through most of these discussions regarding that general neck of the woods. San Diego is actually my favorite large California city, so I'm glad to see you including it. I would probably give Tijuana a pass, but still it is the quintessential example of a border town and if you want to get to Mexico on this trip, that's as good a place as any. Plan on walking across the border, the paperwork and other hassles of taking a car across the border are just not worth it for a short visit.

    With only 12 days for the entire trip, river rafting in the Grand Canyon is dead out. Trips are a minimum of about 4 days due to the very limited number of take out points below Page, where most river runs originate. You probably can get a one day horse or mule ride into the Canyon, but check now with the Park on availability, and make the sign up station in the Visitor's Center your first stop on getting there.

    The drive north through Page and across southern Utah is definitely worth it. The scenery as you drive through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is spectacular and that route also puts you within easy range of Zion National Park.


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    Thanks for the links and your advice!

    Actually I just wanna go canoeing or rafting for a couple of hours, not even
    a day as we don't have enough time for that!
    So if anybody knows a place where we could go for a quick canoeing/kayaking
    please let me know :-) anywhere around that grand canyon-area is fine.

    Also which road should I take going north to Utah. The I-89 north through
    Page or the one more south passing through Marble Canyon.

    Are there many cheap motels in that area?

    Maybe I won't do that Mexico-thing then, one of my friends told me
    it's the worst place in Mexico anyways and I shouldn't get a wrong
    impression of the country.

    Any Budget-Hotel-tips in San Diego & Los Angeles?


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    Default Horsebackriding in Big Sur/ Southern California


    I'm looking for a nice horseback ride somewhere between Monterey and LA.

    I only found this one here.

    but the reviews weren't so nice. anybody ever tried?

    I would love to gallop a little and not only trot all the way.
    preferably with one part on a beach.

    I did that before on a farm in British Columbia, Canada and that was awesome!

    Any ideas?

    greetings, Chris
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  5. Default Another one...

    I know absolutely nothing about this company, but they list a combined kayak, horseback and wine tasting tour in the Santa Barbara area (south of Big Sur a fair ways)

    Nor do I known anything about this one, near Pismo Beach. But they allow cantoring and trotting on the beach.. No one seems to encourage galloping since the beaches can have driftwood and are somewhat unstable for the horses.

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    awesome thanks! I'm gonna check them out!

    What are the cheapest places to stay at Big Sur and along the way
    to Santa Barbara? Just some motels like Motel 6?

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