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  1. Default OH to WY with 4 kids!!!!! Help!

    We Are A Family Of 6. We Have 4 Boys, 13, 7, 4, 7mths.
    We Are Going From Chesapeake, Oh To Laramie, Wy To Spend Four Days On A Working Ranch.
    We Have A 20 Hour Road Trip Ahead Of Us. We Would Like To Make It There In Three Days At The Most But Would Like Help Wwith What There Is To Do On The Way There.

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    Default not 20

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First, I would strongly recommend using all 3 days you have available. This isn't a 20 hour trip, despite what a computer program likely told you, when you factor in even basic stops for food, fuel, and letting the kids out of the car to burn off some energy, you're looking at 25 total hours, which still means 8+ hour days on the road.

    St. Louis would be an excellent stop with lots of things to do for the kids. Nebraska also has lots of highlights. And of course, we've got an A-Z state by state list with even more ideas.

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    Default Boys' Days Out

    First of all, I agree with Michael - three days. That would put your overnight stops at St. Louis and Lincoln, NE. Secondly, with boys in that age range, you should plan on stopping every couple of hours just to let them get out of the car, get some exercise, and blow off steam. The good thing is that at that age, a simple park by a stream or lake is just as good as some overpriced amusement park. I have never had difficulty finding many such locations along any route I've driven. So let's take a look at what, specifically, is on your way with added points given to sites with a western theme befitting your destination.

    So - some well spaced possible stops:

    Day 1:
    a) Daniel Boone's Grave
    b) O'Bannon Woods State Park would make a great picnic lunch stop
    c) Lincoln's Boyhood Home
    d) Finish the day at the Gateway Arch. Besides the arch, there's a great museum of westward expansion that the boys should love (I did). It's open until 10:00 PM, so you can plan on entering the city either before or after rush hour, seeing the arch and then getting to the far (west) side of the city to bed down and so miss the morning traffic into the city.

    Day 2:
    a) Whetstone Creek Conservation Area
    b) Arrow Rock a town from the past
    c) Pony Express National Museum, St. Joseph, MO

    Day 3:
    a) Mormon Island State Recreation Area
    b) Sod House Museum, Gothenburg
    c) Oliver Reservoir State Recreation Area

    None of these stops is more than a few miles off the Interstate, but using them will be much better for your boys and for you than just a run in/run out at a highway rest area or a quickie meal at an exit fast food joint.


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