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    We're taking a spring break road trip from Toronto to Orlando and back. Ideally we'd like to take two different routes, 4 days or so down, stay for a few days, and 4 days back.

    We'd like to go down through Cincinnati, Kentucky, Tennesse–may be even New Orleans. Then back up Savannah, to Wash. DC, and maybe New York if time.

    Question... is this too much in such a short period of time? Are there better routes? I'd love to drive down the Mississippi if time permits as well.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The reason I ask is that your trip seems to be right on the hairy edge of what's possible, but this is a case of the more the UNmerrier. You might pull this off it it's just you and 1 or 2 very good friends. But too many more than that cramped up in a car for as many days as you're envisioning will lead to frayed nerves and hurt feelings. If you want to go to Orlando by way of the Mississippi River and New Orleans, you're looking at over 2050 miles, so 4 days minimum with just two hours or so a day to actually get out of the car and see/do stuff. Look at taking the Natchez Trace from Nashville to Natchez for a nice drive. Your drive back through Savannah, Washington and New York is 'only' about 1575 miles so doable in three days of driving, leaving you 1 day to split among the three cities, or about 5 hours in each one. So, your trip will be frenetic at best, and there will be a whole lot of togetherness, but if that's what you all want, it is within reach.

    Oh, and you do all have passports, right?


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    Thanks for the response. Actually, no on the passport front–but we're working on it as I type, and the trip is for next spring.

    I thought this would be way too much to fit in. I'd love to just see some of these places, if we don't have enough time for much rest. Are any of these points on the trips 'musts', and is there a more scenic route?

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