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    Default Route 66- Summer 2009....


    We are planning to travel Route 66 next summer 2009.
    We are from the UK and are planning a 3 week road trip; flight from UK to Chicago and then drive from Chicago to Los Angeles.

    Therefore we will be driving through the following states and plan to give ourselves the approx amount of days in each;

    Illinois- 4 days
    Missouri- 2 days
    Oklahoma-2 days
    Texas- 3 days
    New Mexico- 3 days
    Arizona- 3 days
    California- 4 days

    We wont be booking any motels as we want the freedom to stop when we need to and in places which we may want to spend more time in. However we think we should book our accomodation for Chicago and Los Angeles?

    Is there any places which we should definatley visit on this route?
    We would like to see Grand Canyon and spend time in los Angeles. but for the rest of the journey we expect there to be many great places to see.

    We have come up with the below budget-

    flights from Uk-Chicago/ flights from Los Angeles-UK £1600
    car hire (National seems to have the best prices) £1000
    accomodation £1000
    food £800
    fuel £800
    extras £200

    Total=£5,400 (approx $10,750)

    Now the above has been a estimate price for accomodation and food- do you think this a reasonable budget or is there any area which do not seem right or which we may have missed- or even if this is too much!?

    We really just want some reasurrance of our planning- this site has been very useful in helping us to come up with the above !


    Emma & James.

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    Default The Mother Road

    Quote Originally Posted by emma&james View Post
    We are planning to travel Route 66 next summer 2009.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! A couple of resources for you as plan this journey:
    RoadTrip Advisor, RoadDog, is a frequent Route 66 traveler
    The RTA Route 66 Links page
    Best over-all trip planning web resource for Route 66
    Some side trips near the Grand Canyon
    We wont be booking any motels as we want the freedom to stop when we need to and in places which we may want to spend more time in. However we think we should book our accomodation for Chicago and Los Angeles?
    Only if you have a hankering to stay in a special hotel in each city -- there are thousands of motel rooms in both Chicago and LA.
    Here are some tips for visiting LA from a native Angeleno.
    Is there any places which we should definatley visit on this route?
    I would spend some time in Springfield, IL -- a very cool American town.
    We have come up with the below budget-
    Your budget seems fine to me.

    Happy Planning!


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks Mark,
    Its really helpful to have this feedback- every step of the planning is very exciting... and the road trip will be amazing!!
    How about the timing which we are giving ourselfs- in your opinion is this reasonable?

    Thanks again.

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    Default Sounds good to me!

    The costs concern me a bit---are you sure about the flight and rental car costs? The rest of the route you will live good.

    I would make one change to your date allocation. I would move one day from Texas back to Oklahoma. It is only about 150 miles across Texas and much of it is access roads to the interstate. If you drive on the interstate, 66 will be right beside you much of the day.

    I would count on spending a full day in Oklahoma City. There are two things there that you may not have thought about visiting. The Murrah Building National Monument (site of a major terrorist building destruction including killing ~160 children). It is a most touching site. The other is the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. It will take at least 1/2 day to go through the museum-remember it has both in door and out door exhibits. Also you should try "Pancho's Mexican Buffet" for great Mexican food for about $7.00 each; and it is all you can eat too!!

    Please read the guide books and the thoughts of this site. You will be ready to fully enjoy the journey.

    Also, please do not make motel reservations (except for Chicago and LA). You will find that some of the small towns have non-chain motels that are a reminder of route 66. The are comfortable and clean. The only other thing I look at is to insure they are in a decent part of town.

    I wish you a great trip down memory lane. If I can be of more assistance, feel free to email me or through posting here.

    Remember the journey is as important as the destination.

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    Thanks for your post.
    Yes your right about the flights; Iv just checked on Expedia again and its actually under £900 in total and not each!
    In regards to the car; National has the best offers and as we are 23 we have to pay the extra charge and I belive this is for each driver. So this total cost is around £1000.

    We were wondering how we will carry this amount of money around with us!? Do these states accept Visa cards or Travellers Cheques? Any advise on that?

    We will definatly spend more time in Oklaholma City. Sounds like there are some amazing things out there to see and learn about.
    We want to buy the book Jerry McClannahan's "EZ Guide to Route 66" which we belive will be very useful for our trip.


    Emma & James

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    Default Yes, to all the above

    Yes, you can use either Visa cards or Traveler's Checks but some of the small/mom and pop operations shy away from traveler's checks. Personally I use a debit card. You do have to be concerned about money exchanges from pounds to dollars. There are places that do not do that.

    I also use the book that you mentioned and highly recommend it to others. Jerry does a good job of describing the route and the scenery along the way to take but many times he does not give the distance to the next turn.

    Please be careful that you do not miss the "good stuff" by reading the book when driving.

    You can get the book cheap on both and barnes&

    Just a comment, besides Lou Mitchell's resturant be careful in Chicago on route 66. Much of it goes thru a bad part of town. In Saint Louis, I recommend stopping at the Arch and little else. Saint Louis is a dying town and many slums have developed along the old 66 route.

    I think you are finding that planning (both reading books and talking to others) is much fun and will make you trip more enjoyable to.

    If I can be of more assistance please feel free to email or make another post here.

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