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    Default The Loneliest Road in America

    If you do decide to cross Nevada on Hwy. 50 be sure to pick up your official
    HWY 50 Survival Guide. It has a lot of great info on what to see as you pass
    through six towns (you would not want to miss the Shoe Tree) and the
    Great Basin National Park. Pick-up the book at the start of your ride and have
    it stamped at each of the six towns that you will stop at. Send in the back
    flap of the book when you complete the trip and the State of Nevada will
    send you a "I Survived HWY 50" certificate signed by the Governor.

    Be prepared. Some of the towns are over 110 miles apart with nothing
    in between. No gas stations, no houses, no traffic, nothing but scenery.
    This road is not just flat, some of the summits you will cross are over 7000 feet high.

    After leaving Fallon it's 90 miles to Austin. I'm the only one on the road and
    I'm starting to feel pretty adventurous to be riding Hwy. 50 alone on a motorcycle
    but then up ahead I can see someone on the side of the road and as I pass them
    I can see that they are riding a bicycle........a BICYCLE!!!!
    Hwy. 50 on a bicycle now that's an adventure.
    I recieved my certificate and a I Rode pin.
    This was an interesting road, an adventure with some history.


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    Great photos, great trip. Can you give me any advice / comments on the badlands area? My wife and I will be spending a week riding the bikes there in September. We'll be based out of a B&B close to Mt. Rushmore.

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    Hi Map Maker and thank you.

    There are a lot of great day trips that you could do from where you are staying.
    Badlands National Park is one. I enjoyed riding to Scenic,SD because I was there in 1976 and I wanted to see if it had changed. It hadn't. The saloon is interesting and the town does have a gas station. (Two pumps, one that worked)

    Deadwood is a fun town and there are a lot of scenic roads in the area.
    I think you should also post this question in the Planning Summer Roadtrips area. I think you would get a lot of replies. I hope you have a great trip!!

    (Editor's Note: Actually -- keep your thread current here -- it has a better chance of being found and responded to faster -- its a matter of the numbers....)
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    Very cool. Loved your photos. Hwy 50 has been one that I've wished to do. But living mostly on the east coast, it's hard to justify driving out there again without other roads to drive.


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    So, when do you plan on your 48-state motorcycle trip?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sykotyk View Post
    So, when do you plan on your 48-state motorcycle trip?

    Hi Sykotyk.
    I am hoping to do this trip before the end of September.
    I have a family member that is having some medical problems..... I don't want to leave until I'm sure they're going to be ok. No set date but I keep planning.
    Made some changes to the bike plus I added two GPS's (one for back-up) and a map tank bag.
    This time I'm also going to carry a spare gas can. I can't wait to try.


  7. Default good one

    what a fantastic journey,great numbers on the gps and brilliant photo's.
    it was my childhood[and many kids from the u.k]dream to ride across the states on a motorbike. unfortunately the wife won't go near one,lol!
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