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    So im heading from east to west and back again - all in about a month! It's alot, I know, but is perfect for 'sampling'. Something I've always wanted to do (and perhaps I can do for longer in the future) is living on a ranch. Lazy heat, mountains, green pastures, cattle and horses (particularly mustangs). Sound like somewhere you know of? Just the thought makes me weak at the knees. Heaven? Possibly. - but only one way to find out....

    So I've managed to wrangle the budget of time to allow 3-4 days on a ranch, but the financial budget is steadfast, and there aint much left in there! I would love to spend a bit of time on a ranch, but am struggling:
    - First of all most ranchs are prohibitivly expensive.
    - Ranchs tend to give rates per week - which is too long (and too expensive)
    - The cheaper places are lacking - either the cattle, the scenery, or both!
    - I want to wrestle steer, and possibly drive cattle - or at least lear the basics.

    Wyoming seems like the place to be for this, but I just can't find what I'm looking for. Do i need to use a working ranch/guest ranch/dude ranch, or are there other alternatives?

    Does anyone point me in the right direction?

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    I did have a look for working and dude ranches throughout the West, and while I could find several that offered daily rates (typically around $200 and up), I could find none that offered low daily rates and full ropin', ridin', wrastlin' activities. The problem is that such activities are incredibly expensive to provide. The horses and cattle are expensive to maintain, the staffing for such places requires more people with more expensive skills than your typical motel or B&B, and then there's the insurance. It also becomes self-feeding. Once you have to charge that much more just for the experience, you start to draw only from a clientele that expects and demands a certain level of amenities which raises the cost even more. I think that the best you are going to be able to do is to find a place that caters to Europeans (Germans are particularly fond of Western Adventures) and concentrates on horsemanship and trail rides. Then I think you should be able to find a few places for around $200 a day that do not require a weeks stay. Maybe.


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