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    Hi...My husband & I are planning a road trip from LA tp Victoia BC. in June. We are arriving in LA, renting a car and have given ourselves 10 days to explore, before flying back East from Vancouver BC. We both love scenery, history and comfotable hotels. As we have never been on the West Coast, we are not sure how to pace the trip and what areas are "must sees". Any advice on routes, hotels, and timing, would be most appreciated . Thank you!
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    Default Two Good Overviews

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To help get you started with some of the things to see and do in that general area, have a look at the discussions linked to in these two compilations about the Pacific Northwest and the California/Las Vegas loop. Between them, you should be able to find more than 10 days' worth of activities, but if you need still more or help deciding, give a holler.


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    Thanks...I will follow up!I appreciate the direction...This blog is new territory for me so i'm learning as i go along!

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    Hi Curious Canadian,

    What types of stuff are you interested in? You said scenery, history and hotels, but that covers a lot of ground... and there's really a lot of options regarding all three of those..

    You've got 10 days, which is plenty to make a route south to north, but not enough to really do everything on the A list... so you'll have to pick and chose I think...

    Hmm.. history is probably the one that will be hardest to fill in all the pieces I think.. Scenery there is aplenty, by about just every route. For History -- you might add in a little bit of...

    Spanish Missions, in California. If you head up the coast, there are numerous missions you can visit -- the most famous is probably San Juan Capistrano (where the swallows return), which is about 60 minutes south of the main part of LA. There are also very lovely missions dotted along the coast north of LA up to San Francisco -- some of the favorites are Lompoc, Santa Barbara (my favorite), Carmel, and about a dozen more.

    The old Spanish Customs Wharf in Monterey -- Monterey was the capital of Spanish California. (Monterey is also home to Steinbeck's Cannery Row, and a world famous Aquarium)

    Most of the spanish period history through is in the southern part of California, and may be a bit out of your way -- including several Mexican American battlefield sites, and other historical locations.

    Hearst Castle -- near San Simeon on the Coast of California is a very interesting, and moderately historic place to visit. Recommended.

    Sonoma, California -- home of the Bear Republic. If you look at the California State Flag, it recognizes that for a short period of time California was an Independent Republic, which was declared in Sonoma California. There's a statue in the town square of Sonoma. Sonoma is also in the midst of one of the California Wine Countries.

    Gold Country California -- this is along CA49 on the western foothills of the Sierras, north of Yosemite. Numerous small old mining towns, where the 49's flooded in when gold was discovered. The original gold discovery site is now a state park. Sutter's Fort, center of the settlements in the area is still in Sacramento as a state historic park. Sacramento also has a good state musuem, and there's a very good railroad musuem as well.

    If you get off the superhighways a bit, you can follow some of the old emmigrant trails or see where they passed through the country side in several places. One trail came south, along what is now the I-80 and over the Sierras at Reno/ Lake Tahoe into California's Central Valley via Donner Pass (yes, this was where the Donner Party got into trouble...). Another branch made a cut off through Black Rock Desert in Nevada (home of the Burning Man festival now...) and then down through what is Mt Lassen National Park and into the Central Valley near Redding. (Mt Lassen is the 2nd most recent volcanic erruption in the continental US, before Mt St. Helens)
    Another branch, the Applegate trail, came through southern Oregon heading for the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The "offical" end of the Oregon Trail was in Oregon CIty, south and a bit east of Portland where there is now a historical interpretive center.

    If you're heading north, also from a historical standpoint, there's also the Pig War site near Friday Harbour on San Juan Island in the San Juans in Puget Sound area, north of Seattle (and south east of Victoria BC). The border through this area was not well established in the 1850s, and when an American settler on San Juan Island shot and killed a pig belonging to the Hudson's Bay Company (a UK company), this escalated to a full military standoff between the US and Britain. The Americans rushed up reinforcements and the British deployed multiple warships offshore and made a landing by Royal Marines on the Island. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and while both sides had troops on the island for about 12 years, the border line was finally resolved (by Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany). Both the British and American Camps are part of the historic park there now.

  5. Default History Looks fasinating

    Thanks for such a detailed response! So much to see, we will really have to plan and choose carefully! Again on to find good hotels (comfortable, clean & not too tired!) This blg is great!

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