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    Default North, East, South, or West

    I have seen several road stretchs throughout the USA that have you going in three different directions at the same time due to the highway numbers at that particular site.

    Has any one seen a location that has you going in all four directions at the same time?


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    Default Not that I recall

    I can't recall having seen all four directions at once, at least not any time in recent memory. I would imagine it would exist in some urban areas, though.

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    Default doubtful

    Its possible, but it would most likely be a construction or other temporary situation. There's just not many places where you get a road signed as 4 highways at the same spot, so I'd put the odds of it happening somewhere as being pretty low.

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    Default Hello neighbor!


    Hello from Raleigh, NC.

    I don't know of a place where one can travel four directions at once, but surely it exists with regard to "beltway" type full or partial loops around cities and towns. I would more likely expect to find such a place somewhere there's a partial loop )really a bypass, and where some of the routes are entering from a more or less diagonal direction, and furthermore where some other routes intersect the main bypassed route just outside of town and "tack on" to the main bypass for a short distance.

    Sounds like a research project for a retiree!


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