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    Default Road Trip Planning Advise Needed!!!!

    Hi, We are planning a 3 week road trip from NY to LA. We havnt got much of an idea about where to begin our planning- please could anyone offer any advise?! Thanks very much.

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    Default Where to begin indeed

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, this entire website is dedicated to planning roadtrips, so I think you might be best off just looking around. Browse the forum, and read the articles in the planning section.

    If you have some specific questions, by all means post them. But I think you'll be best off trying to get some basics down first.

  3. Default well I don't know much but

    Go state by state, Plan what states you want to pass through first. Secondly look at what sites are in thos states that your passing through, or find out what sites you want to see and chose the states you want to pass through. Plan your route small pieces at a time. For instance first I was planning my Anmore -Nepean roadtrip, but that's 4000 miles, a big chunk to handle. So I started with step 1. How to get from Anmore to Hope (2 possible routes). I'm also looking at which of the 3 main routes I want to use to pass through BC to AB. I haven't even bothered with Ab itself or Sask. First plan how to get out of NY...

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for your replies and advise.

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