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  1. Default Massachusetts to California...First Long Road Trip

    So me and three or four of my other friends are all graduating high school this year and want to go on a road trip from Massachusetts(a little south of boston) to California(around the LA area). We've never been on a trip this long before and aren't sure on how much money to bring. We were thinking that we'd take a honda oddesy that one of us already has and then start driving. We'd have a driving rotation so we could all get some sleep along the way and save some money on hotels. Would this be a bad idea or not? And what would be the budget on this kind of trip? We're not looking to go too far out of our way. Maybe a stop here and there.

    Thanks, Shaun

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    Default options, limitations

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Starting with a car that someone already has is an excellent idea for this kind of trip, and I think a minivan will give you a nice amount of space to not feel cramped and have room for all your gear.

    Sleeping in a car, and doing shift sleeping, really isn't something I recommend. Its an option if you are in a speed run and have to get to your destination ASAP, but its certainly work and not very condusive to a fun trip. There is also the element that if you aren't experienced with long trips, you probably don't have a great handle on your own limitations nor do you know how well you'll really be able to rest in the car.

    What would make much more sense to me is to look into camping as you make your way across the country. It will save you a fair amount of money compared to hotels, and you might find that its also more fun.

    As far as building a budget, take a look at this thread with some ideas for how much things will cost.

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    Default How much time do you have for this trip?

    You should be aware that it takes 5 days of relatively steady driving to go from coast-to-coast. So figure 10 days just to get to California and back. You will want to add extra days to play along the way and once you get to California.

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    Default Working the shift

    I second the thought that shift driving would not be a good idea. It takes a lot out of you to drive at night, much more than just staying awake. Far better to split it up more often during the course of a normal day. You'll all feel much better doing it this way.

    After having worked for several years at all hours of the night, I can tell you that it is very difficult to switch from being up during the day, to up at night, to back to days. After a couple of years I was able to do it, but on your trip, it would make for at least one or two unhappy travelers.

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    Thanks, for all the help so far. I'll talk to some of my friends about maybe campin out along the way. Once again we're new to this so we don't know what would be best,
    Thanks again, Shaun

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