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    Default 2 week 2009 roadtrip

    Hello all!
    my husband and I, with our new baby, and a couple friends who have a toddler are planning a two week roadtrip on the west coast in Spring 2009. We need help planning though! We don't want to stay in hotels, we love camping and would love to have the chance to relax and take our time on the road. We actually have 17 days to travel and would like to start somewhere around Seattle and go to about mid-Cali. Some ideas we have had are Hearst Castle, the Redwoods, Napa Valley. However none of us are familiar with the west coast. We would LOVE ideas of what to see, good places to tent camp and things that are family friendly. All of us love the outdoors, historical and cultural things. We are open to all kinds of ideas and want to see mountains and oceans :) please help me plan this!!! Thanks!

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    If you're starting in Seattle, definitely pay a visit to Mt Rainier National Park. It's only about 1.5 hours from the metro area, and it's really amazing to see up close. If you do this, I recommend driving to Sunrise (on the northern/eastern side of the park), where you can drive right up to the hiking trails and get an awesome view of the mountain. Out of all the mountain/natural scenery I've seen in the US, Mt Rainier is definitely in the top 10.

    As far as cultural or historical things, I recommend spending at least the good part of a day in San Francisco, since you'll already be in the neighborhood if you plan on seeing soem of teh parks you mentioned. During the day, check out Chinatown and the Fisherman's Wharf area / Embarcadero, where you can walk and get a great view of the bay and the bridges.

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    Default So much to see here!

    Welcome to the RTA forums.

    danhowe04 gave you some good tips. I agree. I also think the number 1 must-see is Mt. St. Helens. As nature renews itself from the explosion, the mega-destruction is slowly going to be covered by new life. The sooner you see it, the better you'll understand the awesome power of nature. It's really quite incredible.

    I think the best things you can do to start on your planning are:
    * visit this post and check out the recommended links; while these links won't tell you everything, they'll give you a good start
    * get a good map and pour over it, marking all the places that you have heard about that intrigue you (and anything new that jumps out at you)

    After doing this, you should have a general plan and you can come on back here with more specific ideas and we can help you tweak it, add suggestions, etc. Happy planning!

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