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    Me, my girlfriend and her teenage son are going to embark on a 15 day roadtrip to the eastern side of the US. Since it has been a dream of my loved one to go to the US for ages, I would really want to know some highlights which would stay in our memories for years to come.

    Where it boils down to is this:
    We arrive at Washington DC at the 26th of April. We will be there for a couple of days and do the touristic stuff everybody does.

    After that, it gets a little harder. Things we definitely would like to see are New York City (two maybe three days) and the Niagara Falls. We do not have to see Boston, but do like small, pittoresque villages.

    However, my companions would like to go south(west?) first, not too far offcourse since we have a limited time. Problem is, I do not know much points of interest south, and south west of Washington DC. So here we need some help :) I think Atlanta e.g. is a bit too far out of our reach.

    Then we will move to the north. On the way to the north (on the way to Niagara Falls) we already have found some points of interest: the Fingered Lakes and Mammoth Cave, but we have no idea of some nice cities in the close vicinity of these places which are worth staying there.

    After that, we will go to NYC to stay for a couple of days (2, maybe 3). Most likely we will go to Atlantic City, perhaps Philadelphia, and back to Washington DC.

    We really enjoy nature, beautiful landscapes and our main hobby (other than travelling) is photography. It would be great to be able to combine those two things.

    Finally, we are in need of affordable places to eat besides fast food restaurants.

    If anybody has some nice suggestions of places or other points of interst along the east side of the US and is doable in the short timespan... please let us know!

    Kind regards, Dirkjan

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    Default Northeast and Southwest of Washington

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The Northeast Tour, including Washington, Niagara, Boston and New York, has been discussed in many threads.To the south and southwest of Washington Virginia and North Carolina offer a number of great places without going all the way to Atlanta. These include Shenandoah National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, along with picturesque towns like Lexington, VA and Asheville, NC


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    Thanks AZbuck for the threads, sometimes it's hard to find your way through all of the info available!


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