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    Default Motels in Illinois and Missouri

    In May, I will be driving old route 66 from Chicago to LA. I want to stay at the old motels--not the chain ones. I have been successful in finding them all the way except in Missouri and Illinois. Do not want to get off 66 more than a short distance.

    Any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default They're out there

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The old Route 66 places you are looking for are certainly out there. I've stayed at a couple of them myself. Unfortuantly, by their nature they can also be tough to find information about online. However, our Route 66 page has a number of resources that can help you find all the info you need about the "mother road"

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    Default have tried them all

    I appreciate the attempt at help. I have tried each of the listed links without any luck. There is another link but it refuses to list motels that have a sign out front that says "American owned." Personally, I can care less who owns the motel so long as it is clean, comfortable, and cheap so the criteria of the website eliminates many of the motels along 66 that meet my needs.


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    Default just go

    The nice thing about these kinds of motels is that they are rarely booked full these days, so prebooking really isn't a necessity. You could just head down the road until you find a motel that fits your needs.

    I'll also say, if you really want the info in advance, then I'd look at buying one of the guidebooks suggested on that page.
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    I stayed at all these and they are just the sort of places you are after:

    Lincoln Motel Chandler OK
    Blue Swallow Tucumcari NM
    EL Rancho Gallup NM
    Wigwam Motel Holbrook AZ
    Route 66 Motel Barstow CA

    Best Regards


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    This site has one or two.

    I'm looking, too--(going from UT-VA) only not on Rt. 66 and it's a real needle/haystack experience.
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    Default Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, Illinois

    This used to be a Holiday Inn on Route 66. Lots of 66 related decor and a very reasonable restaurant featuring the Springfield delicacy, the horseshoe sandwich.

    Plus, the famous Cozy Dog is about two blocks north and a great Route 66 Roadhouse, the Curve Inn is across the street.

    In Missouri, it's definitely the Munger-Moss in Lebanon and the Rest Haven or Rail Haven motels in Springfield. While in Springfield, go south about eight miles on US-65 to the "Home of the Throwed Rolls," Lambert's for quite an eating experience.

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