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  1. Default Cleveland, Ohio to Gardiner (Yellowstone), Montana.

    Hello all!
    First off, thanks in advance for any advice that you give me. My college friend and I are traveling in a Toyota Corolla from Cleveland Ohio to Gardiner Montana. We are leaving on May 10th, and need to arrive in Gardiner by may 21st. We have a total of $500 to spend on our way there. We have allocated $250 for gas. We have a tent, a cooler for packed food and water, and some pre purchased snacks.

    We would like to spend the money on seeing things that we may not ever be able to again (we start work soon). We love the outdoors, but yet it would be awesome to maybe meet some fellow travelers to grab a drink with and hear their story. There is no need for hotels as they will be to expensive (the great outdoors is plenty big enough for us).

    Any advice on places to stop, the rt. to take, or anything else you can think of would be great.


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    Default Congrats on the jobs!

    Are you working in Yellowstone itself or in Gardiner?

    Welcome to the RTA forums.

    I'm a bit concerned about your budget, even with camping you will normally need to pay camping fee which is usually about $15-25 per night. Exceptions to this might be dispersed camping in national forests. And even though you've left home with a fully packed cooler and snacks, you will probably need to restock.

    It's about 1800 miles by the quickest route but you will surely add miles to this, even if you just leave the main roads for gas and to camp for the night. It's not unreasonable to add 20% just doing this, although I think it's safer to anticipate an additional 30% more miles. This would bring your trip up to about 2350 miles. If your car averages 30mpg and gas prices remain stable (but they'll probably go up for the summer), that is about $258 at today's prices.

    Without saving a bit more to pay for camping fees and more food, and to add to your fuel budget, I fear that you won't have enough money to play along the way and spend those extra days you have to do so.

    Now, that's not to say you can't have a bit of fun along the way. But you are really going to have to watch those pennies.

    The quickest route is here.

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