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    Default 3 month road trip, and buying a car in the US..

    Hey there, i've been reading this forum for a while, seems like such a good place for information, so i decided to register and get involved :D

    i was just looking for some general advice about a trip im planning on taking next summer ('09). I'm from the UK, and I'm thinking about taking a 3 month road trip from New York to Florida and through the South to California, and was thinking about trying it without using any interstates, is this practical? i would prefer a journey through small town america if you know what i mean. The main thing on my mind at the moment is the thought of buying a car in New York and selling it in California before I leave. I think this would be preferable to a long term rental, but i was wondering whether im going to run into any major stumbling blocks in buying a car in the US, is this likely to be easy enough to do?

    thanks in advance


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    Default Not easy

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Over 3 months, you'd certainly have time to travel cross country without using the Interstates, although there are some great parts of the US that really can only be seen by the Interstate so I might not totally dismiss freeways for the entire trip.

    Buying a car is not an easy process, and is usually a lot more expensive than people realise. With taxes, registration, insurance, there is a fair amount of red tape, not including the challenges and time needed for finding, buying, and then trying to resell that car. This thread is one of the many that discusses some of those difficulties.

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    Default Plenty of time

    Now is a very good time to start planning, even though it seems like you have forever. The registering and insuring of the car is going to prove tricky. Whilst you can travel to countries like Australia and easily buy, run and then sell a vehicle, the US seems to have a system in place that makes it all but impossible for an overseas visitor. Unfortunately, though I keep hearing elsewhere that people have done just that, I have yet to find out how! I would be very very intrested to hear how you get on so please let us know!

    The other thing to investigate at this stage is your entitlement to enter the US on the Visa Waiver Program. This allows you to enter for upto 90 days presuming that you meet the (very stringent) requirements. Otherwise you're gonna need to apply for a full visa. And that is expensive and inconvenient as you are required to attend the US embassy for an interview, believe it or not!

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    Default thanks guys

    thanks for the info guys. a little more research may be required on this one i think. at least i've got plenty of time to do it. and i'm heading over to san diego at halloween to visit a friend, so maybe i can do some more research then..

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    Default A friend in the US is a big help

    If your friend will allow you to use his/her address for your car registration papers, license, and insurance, that solves a big part of the problem of buying a car in the US for you.

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    Default Promising

    That sounds a very promising lead indeed... I think you need to look after them very well whilst you're over. Treat them to a nice meal and a few beers then sting them with the suggestion!

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