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    Default from italy to 'the south'

    hey there!
    i'm italian, i need advices, and maybe i don't speak english that good... i'm planning a road trip in the south of the u.s., because i have a weird wish to visit the southern states, since i was 14, and i was travelling with my father listening to 'sweet home alabama'...amazing song =)...
    I'd like to move from Dallas to 'somewhere stunning' in Alabama, and then to move from 'that somewhere in alabama' to savannah (or florida)...

    -how much time i need to stay in Dallas, Al, florida ?
    -how does it take by car? is it hard to drive on theese roads?
    -could it be dangerous (leatherfaces, unfriendly people,...)? are there any areas to stay away from, or is it safe?
    -and what places you advice me to visit in Alabama? (that 'somewhere stunning' i was talking about...), what about lake guntersville and north alabama?
    -Do you advice me to visit something in Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas or Lousiana then? I'd have preferred to spend more time in alabama, florida, and the dallas area..but if you have any better ideas for my trip, you are welcome, thank you
    (i'll stay there for 2-3 weeks)
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    Default Southern Hospitality can't be beat

    Quote Originally Posted by hellas View Post
    I'd like to move from Dallas to 'somewhere stunning' in Alabama, and then to move from 'that somewhere in alabama' to savannah (or florida)...
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    -how much time i need to stay in Dallas, Al, florida ?
    You would never run out of places to explore and enjoy in any of these places. You could spend a few years or a few days -- it is entirely up to you.
    -how does it take by car? is it hard to drive on theese roads?
    As long as you don't drive on dirt roads, (some Alabama soil makes a really sticky mud when it gets wet -- Alabama Gumbo) you will be fine -- all roads are easy to drive in the USA.
    -could it be dangerous (leatherfaces, unfriendly people,...)?
    You are aware that leatherfaces only exist in the imaginations of movies?
    are there any areas to stay away from, or is it safe?
    Just like in Italy, there are communities that are less welcoming to visitors than others -- but mostly you have to go off the beaten path to find those. Southerners are, by default, gracious and welcoming to all visitors.

    Here is a field report from the Shack-up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi
    UKCraig's field report about his recent southern states trip
    More southern states ideas.


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    Default What are your interests

    First off - I had to look up what a leather face was. Ha! So, since I've lived in the American South for 30 years and didn't know what he was I think you're pretty safe.

    Anyway - what kind of things are you interested in? Are you looking for scenery, places to eat, plantations, etc? If I have a better idea of your interests I can be of more assistance.
    Also my advice for how long to stay in each spot will depend on what you do.

    First thought would be to stay on the I-20/US Highway 80 Corridor since you are looking at Dallas and later Savanah. That would take you through the Pine Forests of Northeast Texas, the cotton fields of Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama and on into Georgia or Florida.


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    sorry, i was kidding about leatherface... just wanted to know if there were any particular risks if I would have lost myself while travelling, just like the guys in the movie

    anyway... i'm interested in music, in particulary country, rock, blues... and i would have liked to enjoy some gigs in a roadhouse, just like the movie 'easy rider'... then i'm looking for adventures, scenary, eating steaks in a ranch, plantations and history about the civil war, natural parks and nightlife (but they told me to expect to find nightlife only in dallas and florida, isn't it?)

    then i would like to see the real american way of life, and enjoy the path unbeaten by the tourism industry, because my motto is 'be a traveler, not a tourist'... and i wanted to see the south because they told me about southern hospitality, and a friend of mine lived in alabama for 1 year and she told me it's wonderful and people over there are really kind

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    Default The Southern Hospitality

    I have been to the South four or five times now and, I have to say, I've never been made to feel more welcome. Of course there are areas where you will feel uneasy - as there are everywhere - and the best advice is to trust your judgement and get out of there. As a example there area areas of Atlanta, Birmingham and Memphis where I have felt decidedly insecure. But no harm came to me as I trusted my judgement.

    Away from the cities you should be aware that, whilst the welcome is fantastic, the folks that you encounter will be very conservative and you should take care not to do anything too, erm, 'European' in these areas... ;)

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    Default Risks not different than in Italy

    I would guess that travel in the US isn't all that much different than travel through most of Europe. People are relatively civilized. :)

    However, it's a far bigger country so if you're wandering around on back roads and houses get scarce, you may be going out into more wildeness type areas than you intended. It's often best to turn around until you find a main road than wander around and get lost miles and miles from services. Or, if you choose to do this, make sure you have a full tank of gas! But this won't be a problem if you stay on the main roads.

    I'm trying to figure out if there's really any town that doesn't have some kind of nightlife. Is that possible? Of course, you're going to find more variety of nightlife in the cities than small towns, but any city in The South is going to have some kind of nightlife.

    You might find some tips for places to visit here. The first few posts probably won't give you a lot of help but keep on reading. Lots of good ideas there. Here's a lot of good info on Civil War sites.

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