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    Hey everyone. I have done this road trip (moving with a truck) twice over the past 3 years and each time I end up going through AZ/NM/TX/OK/MO/IL/OH/PA/NY/CT. This is the trip mapquest says is fastest. However, I once went on a road trip when I was still in high school from AZ to PA and we didn't go this way. I was with someone who was moving in a huge truck and we did everything the same until around Oklahoma. His path took us through TN, AR, VA, D.C. - and those states were beautiful. My last 2 moves, and the 3rd I just mentioned all end up going through PA eventually, so what's the difference? If it took the same amount of days (which it did) why doesn't map quest ever go this way?

    My last two trips had us getting from AZ to as far as TX or OK the first night. Second night somewhere around Indianapolis. The third night we get to New Haven, CT in the early morning (so technically 4 days).

    The time when I helped the guy move to PA it went like this. First night we stayed in New Mexico (I know, weak first day). Second night stayed in Memphis. Third night we rolled into Philly before sun rise.

    I am moving on April 9th to New Haven. As a special treat my mom is taking time off work to do the road trip with me. If it's not going to add a day to our trip, I think it might be nice to go through Arkansas, Virginia, and D.C. instead of Indianapolis and Ohio, don't you?

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    The route you are talking about, which I assume to be I-40 to I-81, is about 100 miles farther than the route through Indy. Over the course of a 2500 mile trip, that's just barely significant. Basically, it would mean and extra 30 minutes per day each day on the road.

    If you haven't taken this route recently, there's no reason you couldn't use it as an option. Even if a computer program suggests one route, it doesn't mean you have to be held hostage to it. The only concern I would have is that making this trip in 4 days is already pushing the boundries of how far we recommend traveling per day, so if time is far more important than anything else, then you might be better off sticking with your tried and true plan.

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