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    Heya folks. Im amidst planning my 1st major road trip in USA - and found this great site along the way :) !! Me + 3 friends will be traveling from NY to CA and back over 35days. I know its a long way, but I'm pretty confident on costing etc, and have broken the trip down to an hour by hour (not that for a moment I reckon this will be stuck to, but it does give me a good idea of travel times, etc etc etc.)

    My Problem - INSURANCE for the car!!

    We will be purchasing a car and reselling at the end of the trip so we need insuance for this. I know there are various threads on here which touch on this, but does anyone know of a comprehensive list of insurers, that will cover a UK licence holder?
    I have several companies that might - one person tells me they do, where as another tells me they don't! Most unhelpful!

    So far I've tried....
    - AIG
    - Progressive
    - SafeCo
    - Amika

    All of which fall into the above pantomime catagory "oh yes they do, oh no they don't"

    I know it is POSSIBLE to do this, but i'm finding it really hard.

    Please help

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    Default Yep - its a problem

    It's something that we hear over and over again but, unfortunately, I don't think one single person has ever come back and said that they'd actually managed to find insurance, buy and register a car and then enjoy their trip. Invariably most people give up and rent or simply give up and go to a country which makes life easier for visitors.

    Here's a thread relating to the legalities of buying the car and here's some info on a possible insurance company. Please, whatever you decide to do, will you come back and let us know how you got on?

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    Default Are you insured back home?

    Quote Originally Posted by TartanAlien View Post
    Heya folks. Im amidst planning my 1st major road trip in USA
    The easiest and best way to get insurance is to use the riders for any vehicle insurance you have at home... or use a rental car with the day-price option. And speaking of which -- unless you are really, really good at this -- you are going to use lose money on any purchase of a car -- that you keep for only 35 days and re-sell.

    But here are some tips for you:

    An overview of the insurance options in the USA
    The complexities of purchasing a vehicle in the USA (as a non-American)
    UKCraig's suggestions for insurers you may not know about yet
    Companies that specialize in buy-backs....


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    Default Another option

    Another option that you might like to explore. Rent a car from the cheapest possible source - Dollar are generally very cheap - without any form of insurance. Then add insurance from a company like Insurance For Car Hire. That particular policy (which I bought recently as its far cheaper than the suppliers own insurance offerings) only goes to a maximum of 31 days but there will likely be other options.

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    Default One of the many problems

    There isn't a good option here that I know of when it comes to buying the car.

    Since you are investigating this, have you figure out how and where you are also going to register and license the car? This too is a huge issue to overcome without having a US address. If you figure out this question, it might be easier to find someone to offer you insurance - although you'll have to expect to pay huge rates since you'll have no US driving record or history.

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    Thanks for the pointers...Looks like ive still got a good few optios to explore there.

    Midwest Michael - I will be working at a summer camp in USA, and will be registering the vehicle to that adress, as that will be our 'base' when in the US.

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    Default well then

    If you are going to be in the US on a work VISA, then you'd probably be best off getting a US drivers license when you arrive in the US. That will make all the aspects of buying a car, including insurance, much easier.

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