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    Default Took A Trip to Get Away from Old Man Winter

    As I sit here typing away, the SNOW is coming down furiously with about six or more inches predicted. Welcome to the Midwest!! After all, it's the second day of Spring. I think we CAME back way too early.

    This winter got so bad, we decided to get away from it for awhile, something you can do when you're retired like my wife and I are.

    We left home and picked up Route 66 in Dwight, Illinois, and took it to Springfield. It was still too COLD, so onto I-55 we go all the way to Jackson, Mississippi. Then, it was US-49 to Gulfport, and then lots of time on I-10, US-90, and US-98. We took US-45 from its southern terminus in Mobile, all the way to Champaign, Illinois.

    Some stuff:

    ** Didn't "catch" my $2 lobster dinner at Flor-abama

    **Had rolls "throwed" at us not once, but twice

    ** Here a mullet, there a mullet, ate at a mullet-- not a haircut either

    ** Miserable at Morgan--Stairs, stairs, and more stairs at Barrancas

    ** Saw the first US plane to fly across the Atlantic--not Lindberg's

    ** Didn't go to ANY casinos

    ** Played lots of NTN-- 49 new places

    ** Katrina still a bad girl

    ** Had famous Mobile hotdog at the Dew Drop; no oysters at Wintzell's

    ** Adequately burned

    ** Actually found a mom and pop motel on the beach in Destin, Florida

    ** Flew with the birds

    ** A condo here, a condo there, a condo everywhere.

    Good times and about 30-40 degrees warmer than at home.

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    Default Cool.

    It sounds like you had fun. Ah - Destin sounds wonderful about now. Sorry about the snow. But doesn't it make the time away even more wonderful?

    How long were y'all out on the road?


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    Default LOL...I like your little tidbits

    But some of them are riddles to me.

    If a mullet isn't a haircut, what is it?

    Then whose plane was it?

    What's NTN?

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    A mullet here was a type of fish common to the gulf waters. It is quite good if you eat it as soon as possible, but the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

    The plane made the crossing in 1919 and it took 18 days. It was a sea plane and would land by ships, refuel, spend the night and take off the next morning. This was at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. Something well worth visiting.

    NTN is National Trivia Network/Buzztime. It is a trivia game along the lines of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Most Buffalo Wild Wings have it.

    How'd you do on the others?

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