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    Default Moved or Deleted ?

    How do you find a previous thread?
    Had a good one on lug tightness and one on New Mexico.
    Cannot find them.


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    Default Actually, neither!

    Click here for a list of your previous posts.

    Here are the two that you were struggling to find:

    Exploring New Mexico

    Check Your Nuts (whoops!)

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    Default click on your user name

    Quote Originally Posted by klattu View Post
    How do you find a previous thread?
    If it is a post you made, if you click on your user name it will provide a link to a list of all of your posts. Or you can use the keyword search (in the green navigation bar) or the keyword Google Search (found under the Yahoo Travel advertising placement) be sure to click the RTA circle and then you can find just about any thread or post on the 20,000+ active posts herein.

    A member has to be really "over the line" to have a thread deleted around here....


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