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    My daughter (adult) and I (senior) want to do a western US road trip, 2-3 weeks next spring. We want to hit Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon (maybe), up to Glacier and all scenic spots inbetween. We love Largest Ball of Twine type spots and would love to use backroads or little-used highways. Suggestions? We want to start in Sacramento.
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    Welcome to RoadTrip America!

    I am planning a trip through that area myself later this year. Feel free to have a read through my planning thread to see if it gives you any ideas. Stick with it, I know the thread goes one way then the other, but it gets there in the end!

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    Default Great idea, but consider the season

    Hi cinstitch,

    I hope you and your daughter have a great trip. I have just a few preliminary thoughts for your consideration:

    The season (Spring) may limit where you can go and what you can do. For example, the most popular activity at Glacier is traversing the mountains via Going-To-The-Sun Road. The road often doesn't open to vehicles until well in to June. I think the Glacier NP website shows "average" opening dates. If by "spring" you mean April/May, you will not likely see the GTTSR.

    Similarly, there could be limits to where you might go at Yellowstone if early Spring is your target time. You'll want very much to include the Beartooth Highway (from Red Lodge, MT into the park, or vice versa) at the Northeast corner of Yellowstone, and I'm pretty sure that's a late opener, as it crests at around 10-11,000'. Again, the Yellowstone NP website and probably others will provide "average opening dates" to help you plan.

    Either way, much of the Northern Rockies has valley floors at, say, 3500 to 5000' elevation and passes at 6000 to 8000'. Snow can be encountered in the passes well into June in Montana, for example, and it can be quite cool and blustery, even on a seasonal "Spring" day.

    Just wanted to make you aware that the weather will not likely mimic Sacremento weather in Springtime, particularly in MT and WY.

    Have a great trip,


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    To the south. If you can hit southern Utah do it. You have Zion Nt Park and Bryce Nt Park, both worth the drive. I you still have time hit the Arches Nt Park on South Eastern Utah.
    Four Corners, nice drive out there.
    Grand Canyon, hit the east entrance no lines.
    Hwy 375, Extraterrestrial Highway.
    Monument Valley.

    To the north. Crater lake in OR.
    Mt Saint Helens in WA
    Yellowstone Nt Pk in WY

    Those are just off the top of my head.
    Hope they help.

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