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    I'm a 28 year old who was planning on a road trip west. I live in Indiana there is a group of about 7 of us, all about the same age. All in fairly good shape, all of us love the out doors and have all the equipment we need to stay outdoors. We were stoked and had been preparing to hike into the grand canyon, but our back country permit was denied due to lack of space, next year will apply muuuuchhh sooner. So now we are at a loss on where to go. We have all saved for the trip gotten vehicles and May 9-18 off. Is there anyone out there with a good trip idea? We would still want south cause it may be too cold in May, we do have some pansys with us. We are looking for at least a moderately difficult terrain and first and foremost has to be outdoors with lots'o natural beauty. Here in the north we get locked away all winter and I do not want to vacation inside. Also near water would be plus.

    I know that these are pretty specific but these are just wish lists and I'm sure we are able to work around ideas. So if you could just let me know hwta has worked for you in the past. Thanks

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    Default More to the SW than GC

    There's so much around the Grand Canyon that I would think that staying in that same general area would make a lot of sense. Zion, Bryce, Arches, or any of the other National Parks in Utah would be in the same neighborhood. You'd also have several nearby desert options, like Death Valley or Joshua Tree.

    Just keep in mind that just like the Grand Canyon, many of these places can still be fairly cool in May, especially overnight. I would still be considering this to be shoulder season camping and would pack appropriately.

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