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  1. Default Need some help planning a (potential) New England trip

    Hey everyone, I am a college freshman and have been discussing with my friends the idea of a road trip - initially we wanted to make it a cross country, pack the car and drive kinda deal. However, with the help of some perspective, and this website, I/we have realized that a cross country trip might be too lofty of a goal for us to attempt on our first go.

    As such, and seeing as we all live in New England, I thought of a smaller scale, New England trip. I hail from right outside Boston and I figured that Bean Town would be a good starting point. I was thinking of driving West through Massachusetts, maybe stopping once or twice on the way, and making upstate New York our destination. After staying (ideally camping) there a few days, we would then make our way through Northern Vermont and New Hampshire on our way to Acadia Nat'l Park in Maine.

    This is a VERY rough plan, and the trip in general is only in the infancy of its planning, however I would very much appreciate some guidance in several areas.

    First off, if you guys can think back to your first road trip, what most basic advice can you give?

    Second, I would like those of you familiar with the New England/New York area to help me out in planning our route. That is, what are some of the most beautiful places to stop, where are the best camp sites, what should I avoid, etc.

    Finally, any other miscellaneous advice you have to give is very much appreciated.

    Think I touched on everything I wanted too...

    Thanks a lot,

    - Rob

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    Default Your First Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Thinking back to my first RoadTrip (That's the beauty of the "normal aging process", your early memories don't fade!) I'd say that the best advice I can give you is to have a loose plan. No plan at all just leads to chaos and missing out on some great things, while having too rigid a plan will lead to inevitable conflicts as things arise on your travels. That said, I'm now going to overwhelm you, I hope, with things to see and do in New England. Not that I'm going to list them all here, but I will instead point you to these links to some of the best New England has to offer and these links to things to do in all the states. Have a look at those and then sit down with your friends and take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz to decide what kind of loose plan you'd like and then use this post to see if you can afford it.


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