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    Default From NY to Fresno CA - I need advise

    I'm planning to go to Fresno CA in may 15th , this is going to be my first time traveling to the west coast , someone knows how is the weather by this time of the year....??? , how far are the towns/cities apart of each other , I'm afraid of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere , probable I will have to go cross any desert..????. Or what's the most dangerous/hardest part that I will have to be more cautious.
    I'll really appreciate your help , and I promise to post any information during my trip that may help someone in this forum .

    P.S. I'll be traveling by myself

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    Default Relax

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the first bit of advise I can give it to simply relax. Thousands of people travel across country every day, and they do it without any problems. If you are sticking to the interstates, you will always be around other travelers and typically within Cell phone range.

    Another traveler had similar fears before her first roadtrip, 1st solo roadtrip and scared as hell, yet still lived to tell her tale, and even enjoyed it!

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