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    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum.
    I am planning a spring break trip with my girlfriend to start late afternoon of March 25th.

    We expect to arrive at Savannah, GA by 7am (834 miles) March 26th. We were gonna stay there until the morning of the 27th and then drive to Virginia Beach, VA (8 hour drive). We leave VA beach on the 29th.

    I'm driving with my 2001 Corolla that has about 103k miles on it. It's quite reliable and I maintain it regularly.

    I have read some tips about packing, budgeting and what to do in what situations. I guess I want to know if anyone has any experience in the places that I mentioned. I'll be taking the most linear way to those places (given to me by my GPS).


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    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    I can't give you specific budget tips for that area, but here are some posts that should contain information you are seeking:
    Bucks for the Basics - about budgeting
    Packing your Trunk - with tips about what to pack and how to pack it
    Eating out of Your Cooler - how to eat cheaply and well on the road
    Personal SAfety - this thread is really a discussion about solo travels for women but there is some information about personal safety, making wise choices, etc. It doesn't cover every scenario and give you a to-do list. But, really, the main thing is to just use the same common-sense that you do when you go out and about where you live. Just turn it up a notch or two since you're in unfamiliar areas.

    I'm concerned about your plan to get into Savannah at 7am. Are you driving all night? This isn't wise. It's a recipe for an accident. You will both need to stay awake all night so the navigator can help the driver stay awake. Far better to drive until late in the evening and stop for the night then get up early to drive into Savannah. This way you will have had some sleep so you can actually enjoy the city. If you drive all night, you'll just end up wanting to sleep most of the day. What fun is that?

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    Default Tough sledding there, friend

    Well, my concerns are identical to Judy's. I have the additional regular experience of reading local news reports (Raleigh serves most of eastern NC's news distribution) regarding early morning wrecks along I-95. We're around 1/2 way between NYC and Florida, right where the overnight drivers "hit the wall" between 3 and 5am, and the reports are pretty much fill-in-the-blank. "Eyewitnesses say the car slowly veered off the right side of southbound I-95, 7 miles north of Benson. The driver apparently overcorrected, causing the vehicle to overturn, and then it struck trees. The dead include 3 students from CT, 1 from NY, and one from NJ. They were bound for Spring Break in FL. Only the driver was wearing seat belts and all others were thrown from the vehicle". When someone survives one of these completely avoidable wrecks, we learn they were all belted in during the urban stretches of their trip, but one by one disengaged the belts in order to get in a more comfortable sleeping position. I'm not making this up, son, it literally happens several times a month and is particularly common on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. And Spring Break. The edges of the traveling surface on I-95 has the "WAKE UP" grooves cut into it for exactly this purpose. Plus, we've had to install guardrails and catch cables along both sides of the median since cars can so readily cross all the way over into the other lane.

    End of editorial.

    Now, for Virginia Beach, you need to say what you have in mind and I can give you some good ideas. Oceanfront touristy things and bars I know little about. More out of the way Bayside beaches, sights, restaurants, and bars, I know a lot about. Quite frankly, I'm skeptical you can get there in any frame of mind to enjoy it if you do the driving you contemplate, but I'm willing to try to help.

    I can only guess what sort of routing a GPS will give you for Savannah to Va Beach. If it's anything other than I-95 to Emporia, VA, thence US 58 to I-64 or I-264, throw it away. It's giving you bad, bad intel. When you get ready to leave Va Beach, consider crossing the Ches Bay Bridge-Tunnel (a destination in and of itself) and take US 13 up into MD and DE, then book a reservation (ahead of time) on the Lewes-to Cape May Ferry. The ferry's about a 3 hour ride and you can catch a snooze in the car or the ferry's lounge during the crossing. For many bound for NYC, the overall travel time is the same, and you don't have to negotiate the "Ho Chi Minh Trail" an old trucker's name for all of I-95 north of Richmond, VA.


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    Thanks for the advice. My original plan was to leave 5pm from NYC. Assuming its about a 14 hour drive, I'd get there by 7am-ish. More realistically 8-9am.

    What if I left a little earlier? Instead of 5pm....say...3 or 2pm?
    I'd get there around early morning...latest at 5am.

    The reason why I'm leaving at this hour is because I am driving to GA mainly because I am having something custom installed in my car. My appointment WAS for 8am on the morning of my arrival (March 26th) but it has been bumped to 11am instead.

    I took into consideration of "once I get there, all I'm gonna wanna do is sleep" so perhaps if I left earlier in the afternoon from NYC, I'd get there at the latest, 5am. I'll check into the hotel I booked into, and sleep until 10:30am. That should be better than no sleep right?

    After I drop my car off (and having already picked up my rental car), I wanted to find some places to do in Savannah, GA. I wanted to visit the Zoo at least. At night, I wanted to hit the historic downtown. Does anyone know anything about Savannah, GA?

    As for VA Beach, my hotel is right by the beach, with the ocean view. How far is the Bayside area and is it the more local feel than the oceanfront touristy feel?
    I will definitely look up that ferry ride. It sounds exciting and a great way to catch some sleep!

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    Default Second try


    I'd typed out a response early yesterday morn, but apparently failed to get it to post.

    Yes, I find the Oceanfront virtually intolerable, but that's just a grouchy old man's opinion. That said, however, I know little of what's available over there. One very enjoyable, if rarely experienced by me, eatery is Big Sam's for breakfast. Big Sam's in on the water at Rudee Inlet and serves a HUGE and very good breakfast. Also Bloody Marys with Old Bay seasoning on the glass, if you like that kind of thing. It gets very crowded on weekend mornings, generally by 8:00, but weekday mornings should be more tame.

    The Bayside can be located generally between North Great Neck Rd and Lynnhaven Inlet, around 6-8 miles from the heart of the Oceanfront. My friend, when on business there, stays at the Va Beach Resort and Conf Center hotel. The Bay view rooms look over all of the Naval and commercial shipping transiting in and out of Norfolk as well as the recreational and commercial boating in and out of Lynnhaven Inlet. Fine dining can be had at Lynnhaven Fish House (a 10-15 minute walk down the beach), and One Fish - Two Fish (at Long Bay Pointe Marina, on the waterway, about a mile away). Fun casual dining and bars are down on the water at Lynnhaven Inlet and include Bubba's Crab House and Chics. Each is accessed from Vista Way, which intersects Shore Dr right at the inlet bridge.

    Another thought for a short stay is downtown Norfolk, where a very nice Marriot (and other hotels) are adjacent to the Waterside development of eateries, bars, and a nice park. One can tour the battleship USS Wisconsin, take water taxi rides, or a 1.5-2.0 hour harbor tour aboard a large vessel which goes out the Elizabeth River all the way to the Navy piers, where many subs, frigates, cruisers, and the huge flat-top carriers are berthed.

    If you choose to cross the Bridge-Tunnel upon exit from the area, be advised the First Island (aka South Island) has a large parking area for tourists, a restaurant (cafe, actually), and a free fishing pier. It's a great place to get out and walk about (including out on the pier) and see shipping pass close by. I think you still get a coupon at the tollbooth for a free cup of coffee (OK, it's really a thimble full of coffee, but it is free).

    Enjoy your trip, and be safe. I don't envy your task of leaving NYC (at either time) and fighting your way down past DC. More patience than I can typically muster will be required.


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    Hehe, thanks for the advice. Well I guess I'm used to NYC traffic driving. Fighting against all the yellow taxis. I hope the gps traffic navigator proves its worth as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vibe View Post

    The reason why I'm leaving at this hour is because I am driving to GA mainly because I am having something custom installed in my car. My appointment WAS for 8am on the morning of my arrival (March 26th) but it has been bumped to 11am instead.
    Haha, small world! My husband did the work on your car! I came here to look for advice on roadtrips then noticed this description and I was like, wait a minute... asked my husband if he had worked on a car fitting this description last week and sure enough, he had!

    Hope your roadtrip went well! :)



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