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  1. Default Anmore to Nepean Road trip.

    I'm planning my first multiday road trip ever. I'm very excited but low on experience. I'm driving from Anmore British Columbia to Nepean Ontario (roughly speaking Vancouver to Ottawa). I'm only going 1 way. The car I'm driving is already determined, it's a 1992 Ford Tempo GL with 92 horsepower and a 3 speed automatic. Currently this car is sitting in a garage in British Columbia, and will be there unused until June 18th, (when I return from Africa).

    I have only 1 stop planned so far, that is in Red Deer AB to pick up my roommate.

    I have many questions, the least of all is the route. I'm planning on going through Canada as opposed to the US. I'm planning on spending nights in hole in the wall motels along the way.

    Firstly, can I get an estimate on how long this roadtrip will actually take? Aside from British Columbia's beautiful mountains what interesting sites are along the way? I'm not planning a return journey, I'm moving to Ontario permanently, this is my way of transporting my car.

    Secondly, what kind of "kit" should I be carrying? I have enough idea to know I should tune up and change the oil and make sure I have brakes and such before heading out, but in terms of spare parts (I'll obviously carry a tire) and emergency stuff, what would be good to carry?

    I'll be staying in southern canada, passing through most major southern cities. Any advice is appreciated. I'll try to post more details later but my internet credit hours have expried so I have to go.
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  2. Default Best route from BC to AB

    I posted earlier about my roadtrip but noone responded, probably because I left too many ends open.
    My first step is to decide the most difficult part of my route first, that is, how to get from BC to Alberta. Since this will probably be the only time for quite some time that I will pass this way, I'm looking for a route high on scenery and low on traffic.
    For the record the car is a 1992 Ford Tempo GL. 92 HP, 3 speed auto.
    Secondly, I must leave from Vancouver and end up in Red Deer to pick up my roomate.
    In this regard I've done some small research, it seems like the most travelled route is the 1-5-1. That is highway one to Hope, highway 5 to kamloops and highway 1 to AB. I heard this route is mostly freeway the whole way.
    Sounds boring? Anybody tried it? Rogers Pass sounds cool, but if it means a boring drive then forget it.

    Alternatively, we have the 1-1-1. That is highway 1 the whole way. It sounds more interesting slightly and also slightly longer, since you take the 1 the whole way you skip the Coquihalla portion (that is Hope to Kamloops) Is the highway 1 portion between Hope and Kamloops nice? Is it congested? Dangerous? I dunno, last time I passed that way I was approximately 10.

    Secondly and looking more favorable looking currently is the old highway route that is the Crowsnest Highway, BC highway 3. I read that this way you get to pass by the Hope slide, and that the mountain pass is lower (easier on my Tempo which isn't too fast.) I also read the road has some nice switchbacks, and is mostly two lanes. Has anyone tried this? The only thing with this route, is that it is the southern most way to go, which means to get to Red Deer we have to drive quite some ways North in AB which will be boring.

    Another thing I'm considering is how to get to Hope BC, from Vancouver. The thing is since we leave in the morning, crossing the Port Mann can result in 1 to 2 hours stuck in traffic during rush hour. (I live in the NorthEast, meaning Cape Horn interchange)
    In this case, I'm wondering if anyone has taken Lougheed all the way to Hope, that is BC Highway 7.
    If one takes Highway 7 all the way to Hope, is it possible to get onto the 3? the 1? the 5? Or do you just dead end?
    Or do you have to cross the Abbotsford - Mission bridge?
    How is the Highway 7 past Mission? The furthest I've driven up it is to the mission raceway.


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    Default Hmmm

    You probably haven't gotten any responses because no one who is familiar with that area has been on the boards lately. Hopefully they'll show up soon. I'm from Louisiana and have never been to Canada so I'm no help at all.

    About your "kit" (I think I'm going to have to adopt that phrase). I always carry blankets, spare tire, jack, hats, water, crackers, etc in my car when I head out. It's a just in case I get stranded on the side of the road kit plus the normal stuff for the car. I also let my mechanic do a once over on the car at least a week or two before I head out in addition to an oil change.

    However, I would dearly love to know about the Africa thing. Are you there now or when are you going? Can you tell us about what you've seen and possibly post pictures? I'm terribly intrigued.


  4. Default africa

    What about Africa intrigues you? I'm in Africa right now...hottest winter ever. Also took a road trip (though I wasn't driving) from Ouagadougou to Accra that's 1000 kms of west african roads.

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    Default Just General

    Since we mainly focus on the US and Canada with some random trips through Europe and South America thrown in, we love to hear experiences in other parts of the world. Plus I'm just plain nosey.

    What country are you in? What have you seen? etc...


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