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  1. Default Wisconsin to South Dakota

    In about a week in a half I will be embarking on a road trip from Green Bay, Wi, to Keystone, Sd. We plan to take in Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Wall Drug, but is there anything else in South Dakota or Minnesota that we should try to hit? Also, I would appreciate it if anyone could provide any tips of where to eat- we would rather get a local flavor than eat at a chain. Thanks!

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    Default South Dakota has a surprising number of things to see!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    For an idea of what South Dakota is like and what there is to see there, you can't do better than Peter Thody's roadtrip report detailing the surprising discoveries they made in that state.

    What Peter doesn't tell you is that Deadwood is where Wild Bill Hickok met his head while holding his "dead man's hand". He's buried at Mt. Moriah near Calamity Jane. The entire town is a national historic site and it still includes lots of gambling, if you're so inclined.

    Anyway, read Peter's wonderful report and come on back with more questions if you need further help.

    Oh, and it's a quick jaunt across the border into Wyoming to see Devil's Tower (ya know, of Close Encounters fame).

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    Default SPAM and other meat

    The SPAM Museum is a fun, free stop just off I-90 in Austin, MN. There are a couple restaurants just outside the museum where the canned meat is also on the menu.

    The Falls in Sioux Falls can provide a nice break off the highway. If you are there for Lunch, The Hamburger Inn is a great spot to belly up to the counter and watch them fry up a ball of meat right in front of you.

    Near Chamberlain, SD, there is a rest area along I-90 that provides an excellent overlook of the Missouri River.

    And of course there is Badlands National Park which you didn't mention, but is well worth a stop. Custer State Park and Jewel and Wind Caves are also some highlights in the black hills.

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    Default Corn and More Corn

    Don't forget the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.

    Also, De Smet, SD was a cool stop for me as a Laura Ingalls Wilder Fan.


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    Default Keystone fun

    In Keystone, we stayed at the Travelodge hotel/motel, it was great and cheap. Try that out. Also, The best pizza I ever had in my life is located right on the main strip at a plca called "Cruisers", you gotta try it. You should also check out "Beautiful Rushmore Cave" as well as the other caves that are in and around keystone and rapid city. Make sure you take the drive through Custer national Park, it's awesome. My fiance and I(both 28 years old) were in keystone about 7 months ago, one of the best vacations ever. We also checked out a reptile garden, and bear country, and also did a few other really cool things, there's tons of stuff to do there. Enjoy

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    stay at the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood...Fancy OLD hotel that is 'spose to be haunted. Also Mt. Moriah cemetary where Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane rest. If you get time, a drive through Spearfish Canyon is a scenic byway.
    have fun!

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    Thanks for the tips, everyone. I am just starting to realize how much South Dakota has to offer- we are going to try to do as much as we can. If anyone can think of a place that hasn't been mentioned yet, please share, otherwise I really appreciate everyones contribution. One week until we're one the road!

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    Default Perhaps, a Linear Trip?

    Pick up US-12 by Minneapolis and follow it out. See what's around that next bend.

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